Armada: U.S. battleship Constellation | World of Warships

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A Captain’s guide to using the U.S. Tier VIII battleship

00:00—Teaser for “Armada: U.S. battleship Constellation”
00:30—U.S. Tier VIII battleship Constellation
01:00—History of battleship Constellation
02:20—Modeling the Ship in World of Warships
03:30—Game tactics for U.S. Tier VIII battleship Constellation
03:45—Upgrades for battleship Constellation

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  1. The Tank Commander

    Something tells me this is the World of Warships version of the designed Lexington-Class Battlecruisers, of which Lexington and Saratoga became aircraft carriers. And yes, 6 of which were supposed to be built.

  2. Corsair Tay Wei Quan

    Lexington class battlecruiser
    6 ships were planned
    IGN: Corsair95
    Server: Asia

  3. le pas très gentil

    Lexington class, 6 ships planned to build
    Server: EU

  4. LightningwingDragon

    That Intro makes me wonder if they were rubbing everything that happened in LittleWhiteMouse’s face, or if the scripting is just being terribly coincidental.

  5. answer: class: Lexington class – 6 Planned
    name: Iamdez
    Server: NA

  6. Class: Lexington
    Six of the class were planned to be built
    IGN: Gaming_With_Cobra
    Server: NA

  7. 6 Lexington Class Battlecruisers were planned
    Server: EU

  8. Lexington-class battle-cruisers. 6 ships planned
    IGN: DrCaulder
    Server: NA

  9. Lexington-class Battlecruiser, class of six.
    Server: NA
    IGN: Bobcat_Cal

  10. Lexington – class Battlecruiser, 6 was planned

    Server: NA

  11. Class: Lexington
    6 Ships Planned
    Server: ASIA
    Name: DomoRiga

  12. Shipclass: Lexington-class
    Ships planned: 6 Ships
    Username: DeathLuL06
    Server: EU

  13. Lexington class, 6 ships

  14. Class: Lexington
    planned to build: 6
    Server: EU
    Nick: Slashdot77

  15. Constellation belongs to the Lexington class, and six more were planned.
    Server: NA
    In game name: __FakeTank__

  16. Class: Lexington
    Ships planned: 6
    Server: EU
    IGN: Spiegeleye

  17. Christopher Cardinal

    Lexington class battlecruiser, series of 6 ships planed
    Server: EU
    IGN: Sheogorath511

  18. Lexington-class: Battlecruiser, 6 were named and designated CC-1 through CC-6. Name: YankeeDogVT , Server: NA.

  19. Name: Edge_Days
    Server: asia
    Ship class: Lexington battle cruiser
    Ships in class(planned): 6

  20. Akaki Tartarashvili

    Class: Lexington battlecruiser
    Ships planned: 6
    Server: EU

  21. Class: Lexington
    Ships Planned: 6
    Server: EU
    User Name: Marduk__

  22. Frédéric SIEGEL

    Lexington Class Battlecruiser.
    Ships: 6 were planned for building.
    server: EU
    Name: THUNDERDOOM357

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