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A Captain’s guide to using the U.S. Tier VIII battleship

00:00—Teaser for “Armada: U.S. battleship Constellation”
00:30—U.S. Tier VIII battleship Constellation
01:00—History of battleship Constellation
02:20—Modeling the Ship in World of Warships
03:30—Game tactics for U.S. Tier VIII battleship Constellation
03:45—Upgrades for battleship Constellation

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    What is your favorite «Armada» episode?
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  2. The Tank Commander

    Something tells me this is the World of Warships version of the designed Lexington-Class Battlecruisers, of which Lexington and Saratoga became aircraft carriers. And yes, 6 of which were supposed to be built.

  3. Corsair Tay Wei Quan

    Lexington class battlecruiser
    6 ships were planned
    IGN: Corsair95
    Server: Asia

  4. le pas très gentil

    Lexington class, 6 ships planned to build
    Server: EU

  5. LightningwingDragon

    That Intro makes me wonder if they were rubbing everything that happened in LittleWhiteMouse’s face, or if the scripting is just being terribly coincidental.

  6. answer: class: Lexington class – 6 Planned
    name: Iamdez
    Server: NA

  7. Class: Lexington
    Six of the class were planned to be built
    IGN: Gaming_With_Cobra
    Server: NA

  8. 6 Lexington Class Battlecruisers were planned
    Server: EU

  9. Lexington-class battle-cruisers. 6 ships planned
    IGN: DrCaulder
    Server: NA

  10. “We took the liberty of making some adjustments that could’ve been made to constellation if she was really built”

    in other words we created the ugliest bridge for an american battle(cruiser)ship that rivals the super dreadnought branch

  11. Lexington-class Battlecruiser, class of six.
    Server: NA
    IGN: Bobcat_Cal

  12. Lexington – class Battlecruiser, 6 was planned

    Server: NA

  13. Class: Lexington
    6 Ships Planned
    Server: ASIA
    Name: DomoRiga

  14. Shipclass: Lexington-class
    Ships planned: 6 Ships
    Username: DeathLuL06
    Server: EU

  15. Class: Lexington
    planned to build: 6
    Server: EU
    Nick: Slashdot77

  16. Constellation belongs to the Lexington class, and six more were planned.
    Server: NA
    In game name: __FakeTank__

  17. Christopher Cardinal

    Lexington class battlecruiser, series of 6 ships planed
    Server: EU
    IGN: Sheogorath511

  18. Lexington-class: Battlecruiser, 6 were named and designated CC-1 through CC-6. Name: YankeeDogVT , Server: NA.

  19. Name: Edge_Days
    Server: asia
    Ship class: Lexington battle cruiser
    Ships in class(planned): 6

  20. Akaki Tartarashvili

    Class: Lexington battlecruiser
    Ships planned: 6
    Server: EU

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