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HMS Vanguard was the last of the Royal Navy battleships to be constructed, and the largest British battleship in history.
What exactly does this mighty warship have to offer when delighting and surprising you?
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  2. Looks like a bigger and better version of Warspite

    • kein ding yo

      tier for tier warspite is a better ship

    • “better” Do you even History, you kek ?

    • +kein ding yo Yeah, Vanguard plays very similarly to Warspite but has the same sized guns, which are no longer monsters for their tier and are closer to the Average. Still, nimble and accurate, its not a bad ship.

    • Plikky Dee but being nimble and accurate is not good enough for a tier 8 bb. Warspite is still the better ship despite it desperately needing WD-40 because you can punch your way into your targets citadels and are very accurate for its tier. Vanguard won’t be able to do that reliably unless a cruiser is foolish enough to show their citadel to it. Most BBs at tier 8 will have enough armor that just a little bit of careful angling is enough to bounce shot after shot after shot.

  3. HMS Vanguard= Warspite at higher tiers. just another WG way to steal more money.
    The announcer looks like the Russian Mob Iv seen in Novgorod.

  4. hurry up and release Alaska! I can’t wait to try her poi~ :3

  5. Ship needs more buffs and tbh, T8 is a HORRIBLE tier to play at.

  6. She’s a rather rare ship. I barely see her in battle. I even see more Kii’s and Gascones than Vanguards in T8. Too bad cuz she looks like a good ship. I hope she drops in a SC for me.

  7. Would be a great T7 Battleship but at T8 she’s just a big floating target. She needs that repair party too.

    • They messed her up, A and Y turrets have the wrong rotation limits, she has the wrong secondaries, doesn’t have any consumables to represent her situational awareness capabilities, doesn’t have the improved flooding protection the hull was redesigned for and generally ignored all of her real life attributes.

    • +WhiteWhale Same as the hood , That was a heavy cruiser but wg decided to make her a bb for some reason.

  8. Yeah but concealment got nerfed so is it still viable?

    • yes, she had a 14 km detection range with cammo and concealment. It gets even better with the module. most RN BBs have good concealment, the only BBs that it’s still worth taking

  9. She’s not a terrible ship. I’ve had fun playing her and have even had a couple of 150k damage games in her. Vanguard is a difficult ship to play, due to the fact she sees a lot of tier X ships.

  10. She does look good but for now at least I’m reluctant to invest anymore money into the game

    • +endo mofo Speaking as another whale, I’d rather they feel like they can nerf premiums. I’d rather have a game with something approaching balance rather than a game wherein there are ships that are so broken they can’t be sold again, and give those who shelled out for them an innate edge over other players.

      Like, seriously, do you want this game to have Object 252Us in it? An absolute no premium nerf policy is exactly how you get Object 252Us. It’s how you get Steel Ocean.

    • +InchonDM honestly, nothing is broken with any of the premiums in my opinion. Some are strong, but nothing approaching recent haku, or harugumo, or Stalingrad. A great player in any strong ship can make it seem rediculous, but 90% of the player base won’t be able to make it perform that way. They are welcome to sell the premiums They failed to balance properly. A slight change in name (say. Belfast ’49 or something similar) and they can give it another shot. Any change to the sold units is slimy business, a rip off and unacceptable. I’m not going to even touch on the fact they knowingly marketed the ship in question a couple weeks ago via loot boxes while planning changes. I’m not really honestly happy when they buff them either, like hood for instance.

    • +endo mofo Well, I do appreciate your consistency. I’ve noticed plenty of people howling about this potential GC change who don’t say a single thing when a premium gets buffed.

      I also dislike them marketing the ship on the loot boxes, but on the other side of the coin, an enormous amount of Giulio Cesares weren’t sold, they were outright given away. Remember when everyone who hadn’t played in two months was getting one?

      I also find that argument a little weak–statistics show that the Giulio drastically skews the meta. It has about four or five extra percent winrate on every other tier 5 battleship. That’s an enormous disparity.

    • +InchonDM yeah see the statistics are skewed by seal clubbing jerks. Oct revolution has more guns, better turret angles, much better turret lay out and is equal in just about every other stat besides speed, which cesare has a 2.8 Kt advantage, and sigma. Like you say, many received gc for free- and they have padded thier stats and skewed the data. Its no more “broken” then Oct revolution, which is in the shop right now, and no one is talking about how disgusting it is and It needs to change.
      In the end it IS thier game, they can choose to do with it as they see fit. I, and the vast majority I’ve talked to or followed threads on, just wont be choosing to support it monetarily anymore.

    • Ment armor layout, not turret layout

  11. is she can beat T10?
    80%~ of battles T8 are against T10 so if she cannot this is useless

    • +Hanimichal
      Some of the maps now its much better in terms of island placement, but still its gonna be rough. When uptiered always remember doesnt matter in a cruiser or bb being lowest tier you become a support ship.

    • +ahwai82 maps are not the problem and realy cannot help some ships or some spown in game. 3 tiers always it is the problem and no matter what island you have because some ships cannot fight against 2 tier higher, you have a good example the Graf Spee is obsolete for many T7 and absolutely useless against any T8 and there no island she can hide because is very slow in movement and in reverse engine or stop.
      MASSACHUSETTS Yes, I can beat many T10 with she, but for all the ships of the tree it is absurd to fight against higher tier 2x

    • Depends on what you mean by “beat” this is more a support ship than up front brawler. Think of it as a big cruiser than straight up BB, any BB will push its shit in on a frontal assault.

    • +Naruse Utaha Ridiculous…T10 ships can’t be handled by a Bismarck or any other T8 ship. Actually Bismarck rests in pieces if the enemy team players know how to play their T10 ships….

  12. This is more like a Legends not an Armada

  13. Nice moment to advertise a concealment-focused ship.

  14. She is a great ship, for the enemy team to farm. Her guns are weak, do minimal damage. Get in close? Get torpedoed (terrible torpedo protection) and burnt to death. Mid range? Burnt and citadel’ed. To survive and rack up any damage you must stay well back and use your concealment (nerfed in patch 0.8, and ever spotting planes). Get a full salvo off and watch as they straddle the target, perhaps one or two hits, Over pen and bounce. It has a sigma of 1.8. (Warspite has 2.0). HMS Rearguard is not feared by anyone. It can’t burn you to death (34% fire chance), it has 5Km secondaries, meh AA. But compare her with the Napkin navies soon to be released fantasy super ships with radar? The Soviets were decades behind the UK in Naval Radar but they get it? Save your money. It needs some serious buffs. You’d have more fun in a HMS Warspite or the recently buffed HMS Hood if you require an RN premium ship. If you want a good all round fun premium ship the KM Tirpitz or USS Massachusetts do not disappoint.

  15. Everyone should stay away from this disgusting sleezy company. They will rip you off. You’ve been warned.

  16. Would be nice to see her come up for rent, so we can she what shes like before buying her.

  17. Fun fact #1 – not only were Vanguard’s gun form Glorious and Courageous along with other ships too e.g elevation gear and gun houses, but they were extensively renovated before instillation they were essentially as good as brand new. Fun fact #2 – The Vanguard’s design and hull form not only gave her the best seaworthiness in the RN battleships but it actually gave her better seaworthiness than the US Iowa Class which could not deal with sea anything other than calm seas as well as Vanguard could – honestly google and look at photos of Iowa in rough seas compared to Vanguard in rough seas.

  18. A three point skill for one consumable? Hmm

  19. The Vanguard has the wrong secondaries, they should be the RP10 mounts, not the 15 year older mk1 mounts off the KGV. They were built with better autoloaders, and remote radar controlled tracking and directors.

    • They’re not called RP10’s, but they basically are – WG essentially gave the rate of fire stats of the RP10 mounts (9 rpm) to all the 5.25″ mounts on RN battleships. That being said, Vanguard and Conqueror do get improved versions that has considerably longer AA range (under the old AA system, the other ships had a base range of 4.5 km, while the Vanguard’s had 5.2 km base range).

    • While the base fire rate is higher than the mk1 historically obtained it is still the same gun as on the KGV when it should have improved accuracy and effective range. The Vanguard will never be a great secondary ship but it shouldn’t be artificially gimped in that area either. Although improving the AA range and not the base range is a very odd choice… It just seems that at every opportunity they have deliberately ignored the ships real strengths and then act surprised when it inevitably underperformed.

    • +WhiteWhale As a secondary gun? Range is determined usually by the ship line it belongs to, not the guns themselves – hence why, for example, Roma’s 152mm guns and 90mm guns share the same range as secondary guns (the same 5 km as the British 5.25″ guns, in fact).

      That’s not a slight against Vanguard, that’s just how the game treats secondary guns. The improved fire control of the Vanguard’s guns is represented by the increased AA range, which is only shared by the tier X battleship. And to be fair, this does make sense, as most of the RP.10’s improvements were geared towards better AA performance rather than anti-ship performance.

    • While that’s typically true there are exceptions, the massachusetts for instance which is dominating the T8s or on the other side there is the Fiji which has a shorter range than the Leander despite having the same secondary guns. It’s all at the whims of WG.

  20. So you make the Vanguard, one of the most advanced floating radar platforms built, with only the pair of T3 consumables and then give the soviet paper ships a special radar… Ok.

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