Armada: Z-35

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Z-35 is the lead ship in the series of 1936B-class destroyers that were built during World War II. Their design was based upon an altered project that took the operational and combat experience of the preceding series into account. The ship stands out for the enhanced AA armament and 128 mm main guns she carries.
She is capable of inflicting significant damage per minute thanks to her powerful AP shells and the impressive penetration characteristics of her HE shells. Z-35 is also equipped with a variant of the Smoke Generator consumable that has characteristics usually typical to British destroyers—an increased number of charges and short cooldown period.

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  1. Can we get an armada series for Wows console?

  2. Wow this ship suffered from team damage all the way back in 1944 xD

  3. Francisco DeTonne


  4. looks too weak compared to other top tier t8 dds, just an average dd for me

  5. Looks well balanced enought. Now, only thing left is To test this ship. I hope my skill Are good enought 🙂

  6. The smoke is useful until the newly added Soviet cruiser opens their radar…

    • You can out range radar with AFT she fires 14.1

    • You’re right. Good thing you only need two dodge two salvos before their radar is off since it lasts only what 15 seconds with coal upgrade ? And their guns reload at 11.5 with main gun reload at tier X

    • If Radar NEVER had the opportunity to go through islands, this DD might have a chance.

    • their radars are weak, only 15 seconds, just 2 salvos at most

    • @zahed27 BS. Not only YOU can shoot the enemy DD. Your team should shoot aswell which takes a load of the “big HP pool” of the DD. “only 2 salvos”… Ooof

  7. In early warships like the destroyer and submarine torpedoes cannot chase ships but now it can 👍👍

  8. The ships, this video is all great. But no more coffee or tea brewing, yes, no?

  9. She looks nice and all but Tirpitz is still the best German DD in the game.

  10. This is the most dissapointing ship release since the Yuudachi. 6km torps on 6.2km concealment is like a bad joke on a ship that still loses against any competent gunboat in a 1v1

  11. We’ll see but not sure about this one, why such short range torps at Tier 8? Your description says “enhanced AA armament” but the video says typical fo the tier with a short range. Generally i like the sort duration smokes but not sure how it will work with the ambush hydro/smoke tactic of german dds – hopefully it will be long enough.

  12. When this ship comes to consoles then my Rank 16 Eric Bey will love this ship for damn sure.

  13. Very similar to the tier 6 T-61. But with less torpedoes power and more gun power.
    AA is close to non existent, concealment is quite bad.
    Looks meh to me, maybe decent with full gunboat build but tier 8 is so full on carriers and radars, you can’t really have fun with DDs

  14. You finally learnt to recommand some good upgrades.

  15. California and now Z-35; the new trend of premium ships seems to be crappy ones….
    You can keep it 🙂

  16. 2:49 fake, a wows developer would never play his own game, he’d be too disgusted by ships like smolensk and rage quit

  17. German destroyers excel at close range combat? HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHA! Aprils fools right? RIGHT?

    Jesus christ WG…

  18. Another below average german ship… why WG is so good and meticulous at tweaking down german ships to make them weak and useless? But sadly they dont pay the same attention to details whit soviet ships??
    Wait… Someone said…. Bias? Tbh im quite tired of this trend…

  19. Ok WG, let me try and put this in the most basic terms I can. No one wants to play destroyers right now while they are being shit on constantly by carrier spotting, rocket planes, and now 12km radar on every other cruiser in the game. If you can fix these problems I promise the sales of these premium destroyers will skyrocket

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