Armada: Z-39 | World of Warships

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Destroyer Z-39 was one of the last ships of her type to be built for the Kriegsmarine.
She served in the navies of three countries: Germany, the U.S.A., and France. Now you have the chance to take command of her in World of Warships!

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  1. Interested, but got no money

  2. I don’t understand why so many people dislike this ship. I’ve had mine almost since it came out. I love it. Dominates in every tier 7 ranked sprint.

  3. Could have just saved everyone some time and just said ‘It’s German dummy, don’t use it’.

  4. Mas'ud Siswakusumaatmaja

    Buff to german line when?
    or just nerf smolensk

  5. What i think is that u guys need to hurry the hell up with the aircraft carrier update for console

  6. Butt the Z-23 with the 150 mm guns is more fun.

  7. bought him the day it came out.. very strong dd

  8. Gianluca Gallivanone

    I’m still waiting for a serious Armada like the Mogador or Vanguard ones, not this 90 seconds thing

  9. love the last scene, omegalul, BBs shouldn’t go there !!

  10. LOL, that ending with the sign! Great job!

  11. Armada video on Z-39, nice. Maybe Admiral pack to premium shop, pretty please?

  12. calvin earl nelson

    dc gunner-CN

  13. James T. Bigglesworth

    I was just last week considering getting this ship! Either this or the T-61. People say(tm) that T-61 is OP and Z-39 is “merely” very good, but I like the idea of a unique gameplay style. (I was one of the few who genuinely liked Dunkerque when there was no French Tech Tree and she was the only one of her kind and could not bee played like any other battleship). I also have a current preference for Tier 7 over tier 6, so… I think you just sold a ship!

  14. HI can you please help #teamtrees

  15. Powercrept into the grave by french dd

  16. 0:16 what? it that yudachi ?? 2×2+1×1 gun …

  17. I think I would like to have this in my collection.

  18. still trying to figure out why they are using the wrong nazi flag

    • Because it’s the flag of the Kriegsmarine (nazi navy)
      Plus the actual nazi flag is not allowed because of the evilness of the nazis

  19. Decent HP pool? Ha! The HP pool on this ship is amazing for a tier VII DD!

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