Armada: Z-39 | World of Warships

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  1. Jabier Nitisaro

    A new one

  2. The fluffy bear gaming

    Why are the new armadas so short?

  3. The z is short fot zootopia

  4. make the Bismarck Armada. They have one of her, but it’s in a different language. I love to see a Bismarck armada

  5. HMAS Sydney aircraft carrier next?

  6. Francisco DeTonne

    Video is 35 seconds long
    I’m thoroughly, completely disappointed

    Remember when Armada vids were 4-6 minutes long?
    *T6 Cleveland remembers!*

  7. Sell missouri no z39

  8. The video is very informative, I know so much more about the ship now, thanks Wargaming.

  9. I dont like the new Armada

  10. The ship is missing a gun and the video is missing about five minutes.

  11. Accidentally “ship” posting

  12. Wargame Czirokay

    Got This Z-39 model in 1:700 and 1:400. In Barbara project – with upgraded AA def. Will await her in game ^^

  13. this is not an armada which explains how the ship works or its strong/weak points this is just a preview before the release of the ship. :l armada my ass

  14. how is this an episode of armada? seriously, how?

  15. Shitty Pony OC Recolor

    Was there an editing mistake or something? lol

  16. CaptianCosmic13

    It’s been SO long since an Armada video came out. Can you do one of the new cruisers?

  17. How is this an Armada video? There is usually information about the ship and if it had any history

  18. what on earth is this video? What is it meant to represent? It just looked like a random montage of Gameplay. Im not actually complaining, its just we’re not used to ordinary UNinformative videos from WG. ESP lately WG Video efforts are off the chart. so it comes as quite a shock to see WG using such a limited video to Launch a new ship with. CHOICE!

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