Armchair Admirals – Carrier Battles of 1942

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Bonus video! Well actually it’s just a reupload of Fridays WOWS stream where, I, Tuccy and Drachinifel answered your questions on the subject (amongst others) of the Carrier battles of 1942. We to be doing this on the last Friday of every month.



  1. Never have I clicked on a Jingles video faster

  2. Carrier battles of 1942 is just a title that begs to be clicked on

  3. VinylSnapz Music and Visuals

    That’s gotta be the most badass Jingles video intro ever

  4. Bold Persian Immortal

    Finally, Jingles and Drachinifel finally meet…

    • They’ve meet together during the Victory Europe Day celebration stream, along with The Chieftain and James D. Hornfischer. You should check out that video too on the WoWs YouTube channel. It’s even more epic

  5. Damnit, Jingles….supposed to be doing some houswork and bottling some of my wine…instead I’m sitting down to a 2 hour long video…

  6. DAMMMNNNN. Old Man rolling in style~~

  7. I like how jingles is just portsmouth ish

  8. Mighty Jingles & Drachnifel. An almighty coming together

  9. Jingles? Nervous? Oh, the humanity.

  10. Jingles, I demand that you wear a hat and sunglasses in every Mingles with Ringles episode from now on!

  11. Been watching Drachinifel since he was at 13k subs. I’m super glad he’s getting the recognition he deserves!

    • Not sure when I started watching his videos exactly, soon after he stopped the robot voice I think, but since this working from home started I’ve listened to every video he’s done except drydocks (I’m on episode 9 of those, going through them now). They’re a bit heavy to just watch non stop but to have on while working they’re awesome.

    • @Apothecary Terry same, I think I have watched every Drydock. Also been around when he still did the robot voices

  12. Veteran, horse thief, rockstar. They forgot Evil Gnome, Ruler of the Salt mines.

  13. “We named the series Armchair Admirals, because we think it’s most suitable for our commentators.” They’ve got your number haven’t they Jingles?

    • Love this, just need to check, Jingles is the only seaman right?

    • Your battles are a lot more fun then the ones I actually play.cant hit anything with the Kongo I bought and I die by devastating strike 70 percent of the time.even when I don’t move I’m the second to die.boring

    • To be fair Jingles is the one of the commentators that got closest to being an Admiral…

  14. ‘When an enemy showed up, everyone sort of converged on them in an unorganized fashion …’

    I respect Jingles’ ability to keep a straight face and not go ‘sort of like WoT players’ right there and then.

  15. The intro even has a Jingles landing on it…

  16. Darn and here I was hoping they would actually be sitting around dressed like high ranking naval officers. Jingles would look rather looking as High Lord of the Sea

  17. Me: it’s Sunday, I should go see my nieces and nephews for the first time since lock down started.
    Jingles: here, have a 2hr 16 min video.
    Me: meh, nieces and nephews probably forgot what I look like anyway, they can wait another week

  18. Convoy PQ-17 the The lonely Queen of the north is in that story who’s with me on voting for it ?

  19. There was an astonishing lack of respect of rank on this live stream. Not once did they refer to Jingles as “Rear Admiral”

  20. Me: “oh wow a two hour jingles video”
    *sees drach*
    “ah, it makes sense now”
    *blankly stares into the distance whilst remembering multiple 5 hour drydocks*

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