ARP Yamato when you just need a good SLAP – World of Warships

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Went back to my old account to get some tokens for WoWS Bday knocked out and Yamato was not to be passed on. Why ARP version? I played both back to back and this was the better game.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Bedrock-sucks-at-chess

    Yamato but edgy anime reskin

  2. i know its a corner to corner map but your still at least 2 lines closer than 80% of Yamato players good job

  3. Good ship! thanks for posting

  4. Nice Yamato game, like a textbook exercise.

  5. Dimitar Kodzhabashev

    YAMATO whit fighter? ??😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. “Exactly where I pinged” after pinging 6 different locations…

  7. Team with carrier wins every time.

  8. You really need to get the turret rotation mod for Yamato. Also, the Yamato has a huge vulnerability in her rear “cheeks” at the boat hanger doors. Turning away even angled leaves you open for pain if the other player knows where to shoot.

  9. If I try to push in like that with Yamato all I get is burned down or torpedoed to death. I guess that this is why he is the professional.

  10. Hitting a destroyer with battleship guns. . .

  11. Christopher Stringer

    Escape from tarkov please

  12. Nearly got to ram Flambass and I missed oh no 😂

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