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Get up close and personal with this premium ! Asashio-class destroyers are very important for Imperial Japanese Navy. They act as a link and transit stage between other Japanese destroyers.
What surprises would that newcomer bring to the battlefield in game?

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  2. wait what!! no cruiser get hit!!??? this is madness!!!

  3. Antonis Kalakonas

    BB tears are coming!!!

  4. Like bbs dont camp enough

  5. This thing will be the new Belfast/Conqueror/Graf Zeppelin. Simply unfun for everyone but the guy sailing it.

    • Kebobs – IJN DDs aren’t inherently bad for team play. I cap even in nekkid Yugumo, and I do a LOT of spotting. I will do the same in Asashio. And I will smile every time I sink one of the wankers who keep saying on the forum “Asashio is no big deal if you just WASD.”

    • Kebobs I agree but it sometimes still is satisfying to just shit on people in the black, flint or belfast. I dont say it play them all the time but when im angry these ships are absolutely perfect for me.

    • Only problem with what you said is that I think conq and belfast players have a lot of fun. Belfast is actually just broken. Conq is funny when playing it and smashing BBs. But that’s all it really can do. As for Asashio, it’s just lazy game design and as soon as the BBs die, she’s useless. And if the BBs go in and die, Asashio doesn’t do much to help that. Honestly, Asashio is just a money bait ship. It looks like some new amazing ship but her torps will get spotted and any half brain dead BB will avoid them.

    • This will be like the old days were Shimakaze would not push and simply repeatedly fire walls of well concealed torps from far away.
      BB that push will be killed this further reinforcing the actual BB camping meta.

    • Yes, after all..lets complain about the IJN DD’S only good point, stealth. Let’s remove any ship I don’t like

  6. Renan Lima Rodrigues

    Asashio … ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. Way to go WG releasing a ship every CC says is bad for the game . I guess greed is more important then the good of the game.

  8. What a terrible decision to release this ship as it is.

    • they should change this ship to have shima torpedoes instead (still very good at T8) and POSSIBLY make them the NORMAL deep water version (ignore only DDs) so its even more special if they REALLY have to…

  9. more pay to win bs, let the community guess this ship is what the RU server begged for a dd that can be out of detection so they can spam that now famous wall of skill. We all know that you only care what the Russians server thinks.

    • thebes1 its not the ship itself thats driving people mad, its the fact WG though this would be a good adition to the game. A… lets just call it a Class Counter isnt healthy for the games desgin since it makes the engagements very one sided, unfun to play if you are what it counters, and very reliant on Meta to be effective. It adds a new problem instead of fixing any is the main gripe of this ship, not the ship itself.

    • F Flamu he is a bought and paid for WG lemmings, many others said it is not needed, or is broken. WG is a piss poor run digital country on to themselves, they only take into account one server cluster.The SEA server does what it wants because of the laws in Communist China, the EU had chips on their shoulders bigger the ice berg that sunk the titanic. Now for NA they treat their largest paying consumer base like trash. In the United States business that do that, do not have a long life line.Just ask Pan Am, Toys R Us, Sears, Blockbuster Video, and a long list of many others. Just like the Midway nerf. They call it “balance” when it was only OP on the Russia server.

    • Duncecap64 I don’t see it as a new problem. I just got her. I have much better games in my Harekaze. Much adu about nothing.

    • Thebes1 really cause its much easier to rack up that damage in Asashio in good MM, while a good Hare will be better everywhere else. Cancer ship defiently, more effective hell no. Again its about the implementation rather than the ship itself, much like how Belfast has no counter play if you are a DD, the Asashio has no counter play if you are a BB.

    • Duncecap64 So should do away with Belfast also? She don’t scare me. I understand what you are trying to say. I just happen to like something different in ships. I won’t play Ashiso any more than my other DD’S. But that’s just me.

  10. Dev: From feedback we should continue IJN DD subline.
    WG: I agree. Let’s make it happens.
    Dev: It might be better if we move Akizuki to tier 9 and add Asashio to tier 8 which get better reload so it will be good transition from torpedo ship to gunboats.
    WG: That’s good we got a new premium.
    Dev: OK how ab– wait what?
    WG:”New premium” wink wink*

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing and by the statement above I mean before the whole techtree came out.

    • No you missed RU server feed back” WG,we are to lazy to play the game, we need a idoit proof ship that allows us to sit back and just send walls of skill.” “Dev:yes we need to make sure our big Russian server is pleased since they set policy for everything yet they rank the lowest on paying customers.” “WG, okay our bought and paid for CC’s hate the ship, we will release as is.”

    • mulletbaby01 wait what, RU server players don’t pay that much? Guess it go to gopnik game created by the capitalism at valve.

    • normal DWT are acceptable…just NOT the UDWT this ship has, and definitly not the insane range as well.
      they should change this ship to have shima torpedoes instead (still very good at T8) and POSSIBLY make them the NORMAL deep water version (ignore only DDs) so its even more special if they REALLY have to…

    • Francisco DeTonne

      “It might be better if we move Akizuki to tier 9”
      Aki is way too slow as a T8-10 DD. T9? _wow_
      that’s some LSD shit right there
      “add Asashio to tier 8 which get better reload”
      “which get better reload”
      *gasp at the insanity*

  11. Honor student !

  12. Cruiser captain sounds off. A new Hunting Season have come. Make it count, Gents. 😉

  13. Cant wait to give u my money WG. And I cant wait for this to release and it not be as bad as everyone thinks

    • Um yeah no you still dont get it these things have torps that make it impossible to dodge as a BB with their reaction time. And pushing up as a BB with support is not enough for this thing casue you asume people will be actually scouting with this DD, they dont have to, they dont need to, and they still will be effective. “Promotes teamwork” yeah no it doesn’t at all becasue all it takes is 2 well placed torps from this thing regardless of distance and you can kiss your BB goodbye (One for poping Dcon and damage, second one perma floods).
      You cannot be situationaly aware either of a DD that never reveals itself on the map and has 20km Base torp range. If you have never seen the days of the old Shima 20km torps i consider you fortunate, since that was just cancer but even more so than this. Its that again, only now it only hits BBs.
      To recap, a DD with 20km range and a reaction time of 7 seconds for BBs with an average rudder shift greater than that (Cruisers barely could dodge this if they could be hit by them), with no other qualities that make the ship great outside of concealment promotes very second line game play. You dont need to scout, you dont need to be risky, just punish BBs from great distances with very stealthy torpedoes and make it imposible for them to push.
      Also DW torps on the Pan Asian line are not nearly as bad as this, you can atleast dodge those and they do need to get much closer to make use of them, unlike this thing. More effective than their contemporaries at hitting everything but DDs, but if they go up against pure gunboats they will get torn to shreds (Gearing, Khab, Aki Especially).

    • U mist be talkin about a different game, How is it not a destroyers job to help screen for torps?
      2nd I’m aware that the current Meta doesn’t involve much teamwork and in my opinion that’s A far more pressing issue Then a bunch of BBabies crying about get one shot torped, Especially when there are cruisers getting triple citadel from 15 km or more away by those same BBs and nobody seems to bat an eye. So I will say again the ship will not break this game and if it this is you off that much play something else stop crying man up Learn to play as a team or my super deep water torps are coming for you

    • because these torps have .9 KM detection, even screening DDs will need to be right on top of them to spot these torps. which basically means you have to be incredibly unlucky for them to be spotted, unless hydro because hydro but even then these things are stupid quick. This DD’s Job isnt to screen for torps, or contest caps, or to help scout. Its job, by WGs own design, its to punish pushing BBs. Its a push denier of BBs, and nothing more. No firepower to fight other DDs in caps, no torpedoes to help it defend itself if it does get spotted on the cap, its just a BB denier.
      Honestly if you havent seen ANY of the CC vids on this ship, heres a few to show you the actual picture. Flamu Test 1 Current Version Ichase Current Version.
      PS: Once you start calling the others crybabies for not agreeing with your incorrect point of view is the point you lost the argument, since now your resorting to childish slander instead of holding an actual discussion. Essentially just inflating ego for the sake of it.

    • Duncecap64 Naw, cc’s are wrong. I spotted them in my Ashiso, and BB’S dodged them. Even at 71knots. I can’t win a knife fight and cruisers chew me up. Yes I’m not Flamu. Just the average player. And that’s what happens to the average player. I prefer my Harekaze.

    • thebes1 so its fine for WG to release a ship thats going to just amplify a problem. Its funny because im shit with torp boats yet this thing is letting me farm for days. Harekaze is more well rounded so understandable its going to be more effective, but god forbid you face this thing while pushing in good luck dealing with her, you cant react in time. 7 Seconds from 90 degrees is not fast enough to dodge as a BB, now imagine that if you are pushing in, 5 seconds of dodge. Good luck with that if you are a BB.
      Im not sure if you were around for the 20km shima days but this thing is basically that to only the BBs, and those were not fun times for anyone honestly.

  14. Don’t do it WG. Asashio as is will only have a negative effect on the gameplay. How about we get 5000 dislikes and you will think about it again before releasing it in this configuration? You will have to nerf it sooner or later and then the Asashio owners will want a refund. Wish i could dislike this vid more than once.

  15. Well that was unexpected

  16. Get ready for the camping BB players to start crying again like they did when the Shima was king of the dd’s! Well done WarGaming, I salute you! 🙂

    • Your torpedoes will hit just nothing, just fishes? BB are staying back cruisers will detect those torpedoes and that’s all, you will hit just if that BB are alone or that BB player are idiot. You can’t cap, dd and ca will be hard to kill, you can’t do something alone in that dd

    • HardTarget Jimmy

      Those torps are only going to make BBs Camp more because what do you think a Asashio player will attack?

      A BB in a spawn or a BB20 KM away 8KM away?

      Every BB who dares to be aggressive is now going to just die.

    • I wont be buying this one trick DD, but I’m still glad they introduced it to the game.

    • why though? unless its great target practice its an Unhealthy cancer ship, that does nothing but makes BBs who play agressively useless. It doenst promote teamplay, it discourages it. And people say “Oh your DDs can screen those torps or your cruiser can” no, .9km detection with that level of speed you have to be basically on top of them if you dont have hydro up, and you may not even spot the full screen (Hit a Bismarck through a Leningrad who missed the last 3 torps that flew past him, still snuck up on the BB). Its a cancer unfun ship to play against, that only punishes those who play as a team and do thier job as a BB, hence why its bad.

  17. This wont fix the BB Camping problem, in fact, it will make it worse. Why put torps out at long range against a BB with a small chance to hit them when you can absolutely destroy any BB that actually pushes and plays aggressive. Fast, deadly DW Torps that are very hard to see? Yea, the player is totatly going to waste them on Campers. no, they will use them against the players that push up.

  18. Here is a tip for all the cry babies. (Just the tip) don’t play BBs all the time girl scouts.

    • Sean K if everyone leans on good cruiser and destroyer play this will not be an issue. If you are a B.B. that likes to solo do their own thing…. well guess what learn to play with your team mates.

  19. Am I the only one seeing the irony in their video description:
    “Get up *close and personal* with this premium destroyer! ” [and its 20km torps]

  20. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Want to push and brawl in yogur BB? Too bad
    Want to help your team tanking?? Too bad
    Want to screw the good BB players and make the campers even more campy? Hell yeah

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