Asashio the Mocking Murderer – World of Warships

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Back in the saddle of Asashio, time to own everything and everyone everywhere…or something along those lines.

Still improving the stats of it, because we have quite a few games under our belt in it.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Luciano Berton Casanovas

    Flambass please let me see my family i already paid you i miss my son

  2. Why is Flambass trying to better all his stats?

  3. nice video

  4. Pretty sure deep water torps can’t hit subs regardless of the depth they’re at otherwise they’d be included in the tooltip when you look at the torps in port.

  5. Loving asashio, the only problem is it litterally can’t kill planes, a good cv will make asashio want to uninstall

    • CatOfSchroedinger

      yup. Especially if you have three of them in a row with a CV player who has more than one braincell and understands that an Asashio is a much greater danger to his ship than, say, a Yamato or any sub. Haven’t played mine in more than a year. Also: you need teammates who understand that in most cases you can’t go one-on-one with another DD.

    • Lol, I remember a game with Asashio, was one of the last left in my team, for a brief moment saw the cv around 19 km’s away and sent my torps. Already forgot them and suddenly the message, cv dead hahahahaha. Pretty cool.

    • Try Agincourt

  6. David Chrysostom

    Should be a special award for actually shooting down a plane in an Asashio, let alone two !

  7. Always a pleasure to watch animal hunt / research taking place. Great gameplay Flambass as always, keep it up 😀

  8. Flambass, can you show the stats of the ship before and after the battle? That would be great.

  9. Girlfriend? Is he no longer married?

  10. The Sheep Water Torps are ONLY for Sheeps xD

  11. I didn’t know you could torps a sub with deep waters. Is possible???

  12. Misses Citadel is out of the picture?

  13. Mihajlo Djordjevic

    Didnt know Ms Citadel and you broke up, hope all is fine

  14. That face was priceless. XD

  15. Well played!!

  16. I suspect that CV was stream sniping at the start and then heard you say about him coming right for you so stopped. Or just extremely good at the game.

  17. Im super suprised that you have bad stats on asashio. You must know it has awesome guns for tier and used correctly with concealment and positioning its awesome dd hunter

  18. Its not enough that CV is so OP (aka “overwhelming”) BUT it also gets AWACS that broadcasts every thing about every target to the whole fleet!! To fuck your experience up! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:

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