Asymmetric Battles in Update 0.11.0 | World of Warships

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Asymmetric Battles are making a comeback in last 2 weeks of the update. It’s a battle type inspired by historical battles, which typically involved uneven numbers of ships on the opposing sides.

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  1. If they put that in the future in Legends this gonna be more crazy than before lol…

    I want to play again in my Laptop but its gonna explode xD

  2. When are we getting the historical game mode? I want to play axis vs allies

    • NGL, I don’t think there are enough good German, Italian and Japanese ships to compete. Especially in terms of DDs.

    • @Jimbo I agree. Akizuki is obviously very solid, but you know people will be bringing in Kageros and coming up against Kidds, Orkans and Lightnings. Torp-centric DD are always more difficult to do consistently well in, especially when the enemy are the only ones with radar.

    • @MrRedRye they could allow all the ships that historically really existed, without any care about the tier, as it would have been in a real battle. this way axis could compete and it would be funnier. for example doria cesare (restructured cavour) andvittorio veneto could have benn used in 1940 in the same battle, and you have tier 5 6 and 8… the same is true for bismark,.prinz eugen and graf spee… and so on. if you do not put a filter on tier, and you care only a about historical existence in 1940/1943 than it would be i suppose really funnu

    • @Luigi Genoni In that case you could see Yamato come up against Texas, or Gearing against Minekaze. People will naturally pick the highest tier they can because they don’t want to feel disadvantaged. That’s the reason they had to implement token for the asymmetric battles. I’m not trying to be negative to your ideas, it’s just that I don’t think anyone would ever pick the lower tiers even if the rewards were much greater.

    • @MrRedRye not if you allow just one ship with one name, so 1 yamato, 1 roma, 1 gorizia and so on…

  3. Looks cool but not much different than your standard random battle lately besides number of ships

  4. My condolences to the poor souls in 1 or 2 tier 10 ships + bots facing swarms of tier 8 DDs. I will pass this time. Last iteration was bad enough.

  5. I have asymmetric battle in every battle that I play

  6. Should add extra exp gain for lower tier for the efforts

  7. It can make fun but mostly if you are play in the team with T10s… A Team with more ships but T7-T8 will not win when you put Bots on the Teams. Its a lose from the beginning and not fun.

  8. M.Iqbal Firmansyah

    Every random battle is asymmetric battle right now

  9. Something unsucessful the first time it came out, something that was quickly forgotten by all the players and something no one wanted or asked for…, is back!!!!
    Oh the joy….

  10. Owners of the Schlieffen will be licking their lips at this mode.. everyone else will view it the same as the last round.. i will be one of them and ignore it.. if i want to get my T8 ship dumped on by T10;s i will just join a normal Random battle and not have to die needlessly just to get worthless tokens to play my T10’s against T7 and T8, which i can also do in Random battles.. Waste of time developing this mode that could have been used to develop new scenarios or maps instead.

    • I’ll just use this mode to power level my tier 7/8 ships. They should be getting extra xp/credits for fighting higher tier ships and usually these matches are faster.

    • Not really, i played it twice and had an all bot team, its impossible to win…

  11. looking forward to this, its great fun

  12. If you have to selectively have it when there’s enough players in the queue, maybe you should look at yourself and see where you went wrong with the game WeeGee to not have a constant queue to run it constantly. I haven’t played in almost a year now, because this game took a turn, and that was to fill pockets and not have a game your community wanted, yes it’s a business but, what’s the point when your running out of customers?

  13. This mode was much better on Blitz.

  14. Imagine something like this but with 3 tier 10 ships vs 12 tier 5 ships, it’ll be very crazy

  15. Funny , I always end up against tier 10s when I play Bismarck

  16. Try the lower tier ships being the smaller number …. Seems to easy to sink all the 9s and 10s ….. I’d like to play the 7s and 8s having less ships , that would be fun and challenging

  17. You need to add a minimum number of real players playing tier IX-X ships .. Three or four preferably, i played 6 games as high tier and didn’t have more than 1 real ally…. 0 wins ofc…

  18. After the 1st day it now says “IDS_undefined_DESCRIPTION”
    They sure yanked that fast. I only got about 3 hrs of grinding but quite profitable.
    First few battles I played like coop but my team held back and I got massacred.

  19. High Caliber Replays

    WG when a game breaking bug makes playing the game horrible: we’ll fix it eventually
    WG when a game breaking bug benefits the player: HURRY BORIS FIX THIS

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