Atago Cruiser | World of Warships Legends Console

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Gameplay review of the Atago, the premium tier 7 IJN Japanese Cruiser in World of Warships WoWs Legends Console, the free to play game from Wargaming available on PS4 and Xbox 1. Japanese cruiser tips, tricks, tactics and strategy in an Atago.


  1. Insta pick over Mogami this ship looks way cooler.

  2. Zhe Britanskiy ananas

    Looks like an amazing ship. I don’t think ill be able to get it. I’m running out of free time to do the grind.

  3. Me ass mr cruiser i am on it right away ?

  4. great video and excellent gameplay
    thank you for showcasing the ATAGO

  5. Knew you’d like this one, and you nailed it. Definitely grinding the Atago. GG.

  6. Me:

    Tbull picks Miikawa

    Me : D:

  7. Well played. I’ve been extremely frustrated in T7 cruiser play lately. It’s probably my own fault. I appreciate your knowledge of when to get in and when to get out.

    • Try to keep within the gap between your firing range and detection, and when it gets dicey it’s time to disengage and let the situation reset

  8. The bad news – I gone done me a Tbull and accidentally purchased this thing with gold I’d been saving whilst looking at the campaign levels.
    The good news – It’s one mean fucker! As accidental purchases go, it could have been much, much worse.

  9. Looks strong!! I took your advice an grinded out that grueling ride to the Charles Martell.. My Favorite cruiser by far!!! Martell is Awesome!!! So I’m all in on grinding this campaign!!!

  10. This is a sexy looking ship

  11. Both Atlanta’s in both DD’s you’re a wrecking machine

  12. Nice review mate, I actually love the Japanese cruiser line. This will fit in nicely, I’m a bit worried about it being a tier 7 as it can easily be deleted from a game quick!

  13. Let the Grind begin boys , Tbull approved !!!

  14. They take it back? I taught you guys get it for free and get to keep it (ships)

  15. Best looking cruiser in the game. Love the Takao-class.

  16. How the hell do you have the atago already ?? I’m barely on lvl 12 in the campaign and I’ve been on it since the update came out

  17. I love the Mogami so I’m sure I’d like this one too. Too bad I’ll never own it. I don’t have the time or inclination to grind out the campaign and there is no way I’m rewarding Wargaming’s shady cashgrab tactics by buying out extra levels

  18. Tbull you are beast with seem like all the the ship in this game. Would love to pick your brain. Keep up the great work

  19. Good review. Like the shots over the island on the Atlanta. I’ve been wondering if there is a set distance under the ships name to the ship for accurate targeting of the ship using the name as a reference point.

  20. The Alabama is gonna make tornadoes a thing you don’t really need to fear

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