Atago / North / “R.U.L.D.E.”

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Today’s video is dedicated to fellow WoWS YouTuber Crysantos, and if you’ve ever watched him playing for any amount of time it probably won’t take that long to figure out why.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can find out more at

Want to see me playing live?

Mods (all from Aslain’s WoWS installer): Extended minimap, damage counter + clock


  1. Any chance of a Kamikaze review if you have it Jedi?

  2. British Knight aka MiniNinja1

    You know what really worried me? That so many of the ‘reviews’ of the
    massively bugged version of the Indianapolis still didn’t say that it
    sucked, or even that it honestly wasn’t going to be worth buying. Now, it
    is understandable, of course, that youtubers don’t want to upset the
    company that gives them access to these ships, and other ‘press’ stuff, but
    understandable is a long, long way from ‘right’. What’s the point to
    viewers in youtubers having access to review ships if the reviews are not
    going to be completely honest and unbiased?

    Or put another way, anyone who reviewed the first version and didn’t
    honestly slate its armour, isn’t somebody I’m ever going to trust as a
    reviewer again. That said, top marks to +Flamu who was very honest about
    the armour limitations, and made clear that the ship was honestly not a
    good investment.

  3. Jack Beauregard

    Kanonenjagdpanzer, pffft, thats nothing. My Panzer V/IV needed 5 YEARS to
    be buffed and what they did was buff the gun and buff the handling quite
    massively AND drop it down a full tier AND give it limited matchmaking.
    That’s how crap it was.

  4. 149,874 damage

  5. Greetings Sailors??? How gay is that :)

  6. It took a while, but I’ve grown to like my Pensacola a lot. You can’t show
    your side to anything, but with five 8″ guns fore and aft, it can still do
    real work. A couple weeks ago, I actually got an AP broadside into a Nagato
    from a few km, and got over 15k damage. I think we were both surprised.

  7. The Indianapolis? He got better…

  8. I love the look and style of the Atago. Purty ship.

  9. What does poi mean in this context?

  10. Jedi: “So focused on facepalming.”

    Me: ??????

  11. just happy to make a comment.

  12. It’s really frustrating when you are sailing around and the friggin islands
    don’t show any respect and start sailing towards you just because they are

  13. @4:31 ”Poitago” it is.

  14. Thanks!

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