Atlanta || 3,000 BASE XP – 6 KILLS || World of Warships

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Map: Land Fire

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  1. lolanta spreads fredom and dances with luck

  2. Sparkleshy Starswirl

    that Iron_Ace guy in the chat is retarded

  3. Nice replay, but that princess in chat OMG!

  4. this game was nice to watch, just too bad the chat in it was molten salt

  5. Always nice to see a well played Atlanta. Top game.

  6. can somebody tell me how to record a replay in World of Warships?

  7. lol i like how radar gives a reverse smoke effect. the guy in smoke can’t
    see the guy with radar

  8. Well done featuring a game with the most cancerous, childish chat ever.

  9. It was some good game play but it is difficult for me to praise people who
    mock fallen players and talk trash in chat. IMO your featured player is
    an arrogant piece of shit.

  10. This introduction can be the introduction only for BB’s replays ? Why not ?

  11. Just wow Rng flavored match i mean look the first 5 minutes he should have
    died not moving but no BB shell hits him

  12. This guy DUBSTEP plays well but his language is dirty. That guy at the
    beginning said it’s probably a loss (by points). That’s kinda normal
    looking at that 400 point difference. And they began with the “liberal”
    shittalk. Well…… Americans. Expected. Notser said that in NA server ppl
    get into dirty conversation from nothing. Just release their anger. So
    overall good but as a person DUBSTEP is overreacted American kid.

  13. deine Intros sind einfach der Hammer

  14. What a bunch of whiny cunts.

  15. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Boy I hope he isnt on EU when I play my tirpitz lol

  16. That was well played.

  17. Wow…what an awesome Atlanta replay ! awesome skills and bravery.
    Btw u got <10.5 concealment for the Atlanta is it worth it over the
    distance (13km) ?

  18. nice video! i aint this good in my antlanta..

  19. Awesome game Dubstep, you were spot on in chat as well.

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