Atlanta Campaign Announced | World of Warships Legends Console

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The May 20 2019 update includes the Atlanta campaign, an op with many rewards available including the tier 6 American Cruiser the Atlanta. Also discussed in the Admiralty Backing, the battlepass system as part of the campaign.


  1. If you look at World of Tanks: Mercs the new system they have FTP players a ton in their new mission system. Hopefully these guys take that queue. Also, I love the update videos. If you could put a link in the description of the article you got the info from, that would be great too.

  2. keep the update vids coming .

  3. if you play pc or on tablet the atlanta can fire from 5 to 8 seconds depending on your build. she has at least 8 guns that she can fire at one time. I love playing her but she doesnt have much armor.

  4. Hi Tbull, yes please for the update videos. Thanks for the advice yesterday. I’m interested to see how the 50% acceleration update will work in practice but can’t afford to try it yet! Keep up the good work.

  5. I’m looking forward to any new content, helps keep the game fresh and exciting. Most of the ftp models have these “battle passes” now so it’s not unexpected. I appreciate the updates on ur channel keeps me from having to look it up myself and your insight is always spot on! Thanks

  6. 10 bucks that ok

  7. Yeah we need update videos for legends for sure.. Keep em coming.

  8. william bernard

    Thanx for the info

  9. Like the idea of update videos and would recommend you keep em coming. As for your question on how we feel about cost for the update. I’m fine with 10-20 dollars for certain packages (ships, flags, etc) When they get crazy with the cost (50-70 dollars) that’s where I can no longer justify the purchase of a digital, non existent item with real cash. In cases like that I’ll wait till the price drops and if it’s something I’d really like to have I’ll get it at that time.

  10. I thought they were adding the Russian ships this update. They mentioned it during a live stream.

  11. Tanks and other games

    Ive been in an area without internet for the past couple days but I’m back bro

  12. Yes please for the updates….on developer stream at end of april they said we would get german line on next update at end of may any news on that…cheers


  14. keep doin the vids and pay stuff doesn’t bother me since I already have 2 to 300 dollars in it already

  15. I heard rumor that the Germans were coming soon…

    $10 for a ship is actually not bad, and could be viewed as a low cost way of supporting the game…gotta keep the servers turned on, after all…

    • People have been saying they’ve heard Russians and Germans. They’ll both be in sooner or later, so we will see when it all goes down!

  16. I found my ship making a hard right turn out of no where from time to time and always at the wrong time hopefully that might be fixed?

  17. Update videos are always good.
    Getting any decent info on this game seems harder then it should be.

    Was hoping for more UK cruisers (past tier 3) as I want to represent my homies….. Which I can only do with battleships and destroyers (again past tier 3)

    • Yeah I’d expect those cruisers down the line at some point. There’s plenty of more ships to look forward to

  18. well its good to know, and no i not all to happy WarGaming adding extra cost to “Rewards” that’s defeating the purpose of calling them Rewards, as it is Premium Ship most or most are overpriced, getting fed up some i will be going full circle with War Thunder, only thing WT lacking is not having enough Cruisers, BB’s etc, but looks like they’re working on it, they just added the boats and few DD’s Light cruisers not to long ago, tell ya what the boats once you get the hang of them there fun to play. Plus thing the player base is dying out on WOW’s played at 11:30 pm NA/server and pretty dead no more then a couple thousand player compare to WT is 26,500 thou mostly round the clock. I don’t know friend i like WOW’s but WG is getting really greedy and things that many players are disliking.

    • They announced over night that there will be a mission in a couple weeks to earn 2500 dabloons, so that would cover the cost

  19. Michael Jarrett

    I appreciate this vid always good to know what to expect in the future as for having to pay for it fine on my side it’s a free to play game they half to make money somewhere. It’s not like money to keep the game up and running is jus gonna fall from the heavens. First time I’ve seen one of ur vids but man great work keep em coming u jus got ur self a new subscriber

  20. jacob Andrew crowson

    I have Atlanta on PC. She is an absolute monster!

    She is a very hard to play so here is her how to play playstyle for newbies

    Atlanta has 8 turrets (16 guns) with a destroyer caliber size and 2 quad torpedoes with short range. She is a light cruiser with ZERO ARMOR but in return you are a ‘super destroyer’ with your guns.

    What you do to play her effectively is hide behind an island is shoot shells over high island’s and rain shells non stop on the enemy. You PLAY WITH the destroyers, but remember you DONT play like a destroyer..Atlantas main roll is an anti-aircraft cruiser that absolutely melts planes and does a very good job at it.. that’s all, enjoy!

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