Atlanta – Dont forget that AP Power || World of Warships

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– Dont forget that AP ||
Player: Kingpin61
Ship: Atlanta

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  1. Daan Klein Gebbinck


    To say Hello over there and have a nice day!!

  2. TrungVN the Purpdonkey

    Dat Fletcher torpedobeat at the start :v

  3. Torpedo soup

  4. Adrian Byrdziak

    Don’t ask me why, but I’ve better results on Atlanta when I play against Tier 9, not tier 5 … yeah, I know, it’s stupid, but it how it works 😀

  5. Those AA are insane. My AA on the Atlanta never worked that way

  6. Don’t ask for a kraken, you have to earn one… but nice gameplay.

  7. So funny that some players think they should be handed a kraken.

  8. 105 000 dommage tier 4 French Cruiser

  9. When will the Atlanta be for sale again?

  10. bullshit! more replay of little flamebobs in chat ! gz

  11. Man I need to send in my Atlanta running a T9 match with 150k dmg

  12. “Your opponent: IJN Kaga.”
    Atlanta captain: jizzes a little*

  13. this ship is hilariously fun but can be tough having a good game at times

  14. At 00:43 you can see the normal life of an Atlanta at the second Atlanta in his team 😀

  15. Hey brother are you good at World of War

  16. As a video with the uss Missouri

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