Atlanta Gameplay | World of Warships Legends Console

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Taking a look at the Atlanta, the premium American Light Cruiser in World of Warships WoWs Legends Console, the free to play game on PS4 and XBox 1 from Wargaming. Cruiser tips, tricks and in the Atlanta.


  1. Stylo Vogel BERLIN

    I simply HE whit it and light ppls up till there get mad Fun lol

  2. Finally gotthe 5 kill challenge done with a furutaka, whicg was amazing!

  3. Conrado N.Jauregui

    Hey man nice vid. I was just looking for some Atlanta gameplay in wow Legends but couldnt find any. Im completing the campaign as soon the missions get reseted, i got to stage 75 yesterday. Keep it up!

  4. If only we could get ifhe on console for this ship

  5. So I’ll be perfectly honest I really wanted this ship when it came out and I grind it hard but the last week the warm weather has caused an influx in the work week and I decided by the rest out, now that being said I absolutely love this ship, with premium account averaging between 500000 and 600000 every single match lol, that money grind just got a lot easier. anyone who hasn’t played this ship and reads the comments seriously listen to what he said about the torpedoes defense only every time I forget this I die, like I say every time sir keep up the good work, love the videos. Question you ever happen to get down with any of your subscribers, been doing the looking for group thing on Xbox and have not had any luck be nice to play with the decent individual.

    • Tier 6 premiums print money if you manage to have good games in them. I dont get much time to play with anyone else, but when I get the chance I’ll post a message on my discord server to see who wants to play. So if you join that it’ll be the best way, there are also other people on there that you can hook up with to form a division

  6. AlphaOmega11c Gaming

    Nice man! I’m hoping to finish it off tonight

  7. BattlestarPegasus

    You purchasing the Warspite tomorrow Tbull? 🙂

    • I’m thinking about it, we’ll see

    • BattlestarPegasus

      @Tbull I’d understand if you didn’t tbh. I mean we already have the Queen Elizabeth, same class of ship. Warspite, as a premium ship will have a few extra perks, but is it really worth it?

  8. So it’s a… Destroyer Destroyer? ? Gah… if only the game hadn’t screwed me over I’d have been able to get the Atlanta today!

    • @Tbull Gating the missions behind each other was questionable, for sure. Especially since getting 150k in one match is a good deal more difficult than getting a Kraken – as you’ve seen from my screenshots.

    • We’ll see how the next campaign shakes out. There has been a fair amount of complaints about these requirements heading Wargamings way

    • I bet. By all means make it “difficult”, but setting the bar that high means that even decent players have to rely on too many other variables – it becomes more ‘casino’ than ‘mission’.

  9. One of the commanders you can get in the game Norman Scott was killed in the Atlanta during the battle of Friday the 13th in Guadalcanal Against the IJN. Anyone interested in history a book called Neptunes inferno tells the story of the brave American and Japanese sailors

  10. We need to play tbull

  11. Hey. Just received mine today. I’m thinking about engine upgrade over rudder shift. What layout you have? Would be interesting to hear that one also and which captain.

    • Rudder shift is what I’m running. I believe the captains name is Norman Scott, he’s a solid cruiser commander

  12. Weekly havoc rest 3x last time around. I went with engine boost mod and steal/-dispersion. The camo is -4.5% with another -5% from the mod. Also using Philip Vian* as inspiration for an additional-2.4% atm. -11.9% dispersion helps a lot when your trying to get in/out of good positions.

  13. What is the best battleship line to run? I’m on the queen Elizabeth for UK but i feel like I’m at a disadvantage cuz the U.S. battleships seem better

    • They are all really good in their own regard. I’d say the UK line is more challenging for newer players, the US is probably a little easier

  14. GG. They should call her Hestia the Goddess of hearth and fires, spews out the heat relentlessly. Peas love and hellfire, Johnno Bloke.

  15. Im about to unlock king george V any tips with the ship

    • I’ve only played 5 games or so in it so far, but I’ll probably get a replay up on it fairly soon. Small gun caliber compared to the other BBs at it’s tier, so you need to be actively switching shell types: AP against cruisers and HE against battleships & destroyers. To bring the rear gun onto target you have to get fairly broadside, so only do it when you are sure you’re not going to get wrecked by a battleship shooting back

    • BurgVapes
      Guns are weaker than the ones on the Queen Elizabeth
      And the dispersion Is higher (more guns)

  16. I’m debating weather to get the Atlanta (through boosting) or the Indianapolis, they would cost roughly the same amount. Which would you recommend?

    • I like the Indy more, but they are both fun and make good money. It would depend on whether you like the American heavy cruisers and how much progress you made in the campaign

    • Tbull yeah I do enjoy heavy cruisers and I believe I am on level 36 in the campaign

    • Well I find the Indy to be the more versatile of the two. The Atlanta can deal some damage, but if your team does t cover you or you can’t find a good position that provides cover then it can be tough to use

    • Tbull okay, thanks for the help!

  17. Hey tbull are u going to make a video of the new warspite uk premium battleship?

  18. I still haven’t figured out how to be the red team, or who general quarter is.

  19. Its squishy, but very fun to play if you do it right … The Atlanta eats destroyers for breakfast …. Does little damage to battleships though, takes 300+ hits to kill one XD

  20. Thanks, very useful. So…remain undetected with big guys, go and smash all the destroyers. I’d say it’s fun ! Cool.

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