Atlanta Premium Cruiser Opinions and Gameplay: World of Warships

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Atlanta premium cruiser final opinion buy it on sale if you like the patient sneaky play style you need to be successful with it.

Enjoy the Destruction.

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  1. Love my Atlanta. I use it to train my Benson Captain, getting ever closer
    to 15-skill points.

    Atlanta is a good ship and a money maker, but it is not for everybody. You
    have to know how to play it.

    If it needed any buffs, as it is an oversized DD with DD guns, I think it
    should get a little sturdier reinforcement in the guns (they are lost more
    often than the same guns in a DD), and it should get smoke.

  2. “need to be successful with it?” Really?
    Also, have you read my email and will you accept that? If you are curious
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  3. 443 hits ahahahahhaahahah holy shit

  4. Wow 400plus hits, I think I’ve done well if I get 200plus in my Murmask
    lol, nice game.

  5. Thank you WSTG, I will definitely try this out. I always try to play the
    Atlanta a bit like an overgrown DD… and it doesn’t always pay off…

  6. Nearly 7k dmg on that one salvo into the Königsberg…. :O

  7. everytime i ask for a review of this ship, everyone says just get the
    atago, but how will the atago help me level up my american captains? US
    needs more premiums, maybe the alaska

  8. Another Great Video.
    Very instructive, makes me want to take my Atlanta out for spin.

    – Rise and Conquer !

  9. Im surprised you aren’t using the defensive fire instead of the sonar on

  10. Like your videos, keep up the good work. Regards from Sweden

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