Atlanta: World Record

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Atlanta replay with 272K damage. This is new World Record.

how can I send a replay?

I can’t accept aircraft carrier replays because they don’t work properly. Due quality issues, I can no longer accept CV videos.

World Warships mods:

Calm sea mod – Aslain’s mod pack
im using offical mod station – https://.com/en/content/modstation/
1- Adjustable Panels
2- Score Timer
3- Running Lights
4- Crew perks in battle


  1. First!

  2. TheNewGeneration 2016



  4. I’d like to know the Personal Rating on this one^^

  5. Мартин Георгиев

    this was my favorite p2w , precisely because of this 6:50

    • Christian Krakhofer

      not to mention all the dumbass bb players who love to use their damacon on one single fire, or just decide to sail along in your range

  6. You stole this clip

  7. Atlanta: The Farming Simulator

  8. -Atlanta-
    *San Diego*

  9. well when you have a premade dd…

  10. wilder jhulian hernandez henao

    Subes 3 veces el mismo video com mods con tiny waves y lo subes de distintos canales

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