ATTACK ALL THE SHIPS – World Of Warships

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This is a sponsored video by

If you guys wanna play with more people, check out Discord!

*Drakemoon is a sponsor of this channel. is not owner, part owner or in any way involved with drakemoon business. Just a sponsor with paid promotion to demo their website.


  1. Im obsessed to ww2 stuff too

  2. please reply nick

  3. Atack the Romaniaaa :))

  4. hey nick, it would be nice if you actually learned to play the game before
    showing it of to others, cause you clearly had no idea what you were doing
    oin the video.
    (love you)

  5. For a free game looks awesome.

  6. I think i made it with the code!!! YESSS

  7. i cant believe nick is all about money now.

  8. Next up, War Thunder? XD

  9. warning to all. this game takes a lot of patience and tolerance to do. it’s
    extremely boring and dull.

  10. Don’t act like you’re excited. Money hungry cunt (:


  12. Anyone that has an account with the code and doesn’t like the game, may I
    have it?

  13. Nick, don’t you think that this is enough ? Don’t you have enough money fat
    boy ?

  14. Nick knows he is a money wanting cunt, but he just want the money no matter
    what. Why do you need more money if you have enough to do giveaways of
    knifes and Dlores all the time? When will you actually care about your
    viewers and stop using drake moon?

  15. Claudiu Iubitor de Manele

    What’s your problem if he get some money for a gameplay
    stop being cows and have your own opinion scrubs

    the game looks cool

  16. i watch videos about big buts and tits in morning.

  17. why people dislike so much if Nick just shows us a game which is sponsored
    to him?..

  18. All the kids who live with their parents bitching about nick being a money
    hungry Cunt despite the fact that he does so many give aways and it’s his
    job . He needs money to live a decent life and about the money hungry part,
    aren’t we all

  19. ”it’s a free game…”

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