Attilio Regolo Italian Destroyers Regia Marina World of Warships Wows

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0:00 Attilio Regolo History Intro
1:45 Attilio Regolo Upgrades, Consumable & Captain Skills
3:26 Attilio Regolo Armor & Survivability
4:10 Attilio Regolo Main Battery Gun Stats
5:17 Attilio Regolo Torpedo + Depth charge stats
6:14 Attilio Regolo Anti Aircraft Defences
6:57 Attilio Regolo Maneuverability and Concealment Stats

The Capitani Romani class was a class of light cruisers acting as flotilla leaders for the Regia Marina or (Italian Navy) and were originally designed as scout cruisers for ocean operations, although some authors consider them to have been heavy destroyers. They were designed and built to outrun and outgun the large new French destroyers of the Le Fantasque and Mogador classes. Attilio regolo was commissioned in August 1942 and used as a mine-layer until seriously damaged by a torpedo from the royal navy submarine hms unruffled in November of the same year. Attilio regolo was Ceded to France in 1948 as part of reparations and renamed Châteaurenault. The Attilio Regolo coming to world of warships is based on this ship, i must remind u that its still a work in progress and everything we’ll see from this point is subject to balancing changes but this is the current state of testing

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  1. hello and welcome everyone, todays video features a preview of the brand new tier 10 Italian destroyer Attilio Regolo which has just entered testing. I hope you all enjoy the preview and let me know in the comments what you think and if you have high hopes for these Italian destroyers and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7

  2. Hi CC ! HAPPY XMAS! Good video as usual!

  3. Really looking forward to this line, gonna be really interesting to see how they play with that limited range and high SAP DPM 🙂

  4. Attilio Règolo, not Regòlo; the accent is on E. And i already suffered with Jpn and EU short ranged DDs, don’t think i will do anything after early access.

  5. Guess who is extremely excited? I just hope I won’t have to eat my own liver waiting like I did with Napoli.

  6. man this DD is going to shred a DD in a cap if friendly radar cruiser is helping this DD with radar so this DD can smoke up and shoot safely

  7. Just wanted to say A Very Happy Christmas to you Carbine, and I appreciate the hard work you have put in over the year, always enjoy your no nonsense reviews.

  8. Can’t wait for that line to come out.

  9. I think these italian DDz will be able to farm BBz and cruisers only when their exhaust smoke is runn8ng, and break off in advance. So rare time farming anything other than DDz. I hope they can make up for it by having high volume of torp spam. Many torps, l9ng range, fast reload.
    DDz are another thing. If they can outspot this thing, they better run away. One thing, dont get caught on your side. When completely angled, SAP cannot hurt your DD much.

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