Audacious 276k damage game || World of Warships

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  1. When ever I see a RN CV, for some reason I imagine that on the plane the pilots are trying to drink tea as they fly.

  2. so when are they gonna do the CV rework? it’s way too OP right now

  3. So who rule the sky right now among tier 10 CV

  4. Thanks, nice to see an endscreen again

  5. Soo… This is why everyone hates cv rework???

  6. Gokhan J. Yenigun

    This is NOT how you suppose to play a CV.

    • So how are you supposed to play a CV?

    • Gokhan J. Yenigun

      Focused on damage way too much, did not provide support for allies – resulted in unnecessary losses in team -, and even let a half hp DD take the cap point (even though allies asked to go and stop him capping). These are just a few thing that were wrong.

  7. And they say CV are weak!

  8. Audacius eat combine Hakuryu and Midway on breakfast.

    • You don’t know what your talking about, audacious dive bombers and rocket planes are bad. Midways armament is so much better.

  9. I don’t understand why they made the Wyverns so slow even tho they have a turbo prop and can reach very high speeds irl…

  10. Calon Ners Ulil Amri

    I like this video, a sound pure by game

  11. Its not the cv , its the player ho need nerfs…

  12. not a good play, he ignored DD that kept him spotted and was lucky he did not die

  13. Julyyyanto Kuuuan

    can i upload my replays here ?

  14. Jaws Of Fury MAC:TM

    That Enemy Yamato…saved by the timer
    Payfast, you were so oblivious to realize that that Enemy Destroyer is spotting you
    The biggest question in my mind is; HOW did you get to Tier X?
    What also got me wondering is how you stayed alive

  15. 15:23 scary drop

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