Audacious: DD Hunter – World of Warships

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May the luck be with you.

Audacious — British Tier X aircraft сarrier.

This heavy project, designed at the end of World War II, represented a further development of the Implacable class. Her large dimensions allowed her to overcome the major drawback of her predecessors—the relatively small number of airplanes she could carry onboard. The aircraft carriers initially laid down as the Audacious class were completed much later, in the 1950s, with a significantly modified design.


  1. Question what aircraft carrier should I buy kaga or uss enterprise??

  2. Mugas Sudiyantoro

    And what happen next is those DD’s will rant again to nerv cv even harder until cv is lost its popularity again

    • if they continue like this, CVs will be only useful for DD hunting.

    • @TopTier why even wargaming hates all CVS

      And always DD is uprated

      This is disappointing

      If you just opened any history books you will find that the CVS is always a good hand to any fleet and it even can destroy any ship type what ever it was

      Just when yamato sunk by 7 CVS or whatever

    • @TopTier oh and for sure in this game CVS Is useless too against DD

    • WTF are wargaming doing ?

    • Mugas Sudiyantoro

      @TopTier Yep,im using auda on random and then trying to destroy Demoin AA with rockets.Im bringin full squad and what happen next is im dodging AA flak but there is some explosion which exploded right into my aircraft until im totally wiped out

  3. That’s why i refused use cv again in rankeds, it’s very painful to make decent damage with stupid rng with dive bombs, same it in randoms (max 120k dmg) and costs me credits (same expensive service than GK) ._.

    • Adrian B. Yeah same for me aft the patch, the dive bombs have been almost useless to me I’m noticing that I get most of my damage from torpedo bombers now and the dive bombs never hit now also the service in my opinion is way too much like the ammunition resupply is always somewhere in between 20 and 50 thousand credits every game in the Lexington and the Des Moines’ ammunition resupply is averaging about 10 to 20 thousand for me

    • @Derick Vo The performance and participation has been strongly compromised after that stupidity on the part of WarGaming, 3 stupid torpedoes by launch do not define the game, rockets are only effective against already dying targets, the real damage was from the bombs (12k-20k damage confirmed and fires, now 7k-9k and no fires in 70% of times) i’m really disappointed..

  4. Attila Zoltán Szűcs

    for ranked audacious is pretty crappy, also you sight stabilization is rather useless maybe spend it on something else.

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