Audacious: Easy MM – World of Warships

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As you can see Audacious has difficulty in damaging even the easy MM. My Audacious captain skills, modules, upgrades:

Audacious — British Tier X aircraft сarrier.

This heavy aircraft carrier project, designed at the end of World War II, represented a further development of the Implacable class. Her large dimensions allowed her to overcome the major drawback of her predecessors—the relatively small number of airplanes she could carry onboard. The aircraft carriers initially laid down as the Audacious class were completed much later, in the 1950s, with a significantly modified design.


  1. First comment :))

  2. Gotta love the carpet bombing!!!

  3. Tea bags falling from the sky 😀

  4. So you use the Attack Aircraft Mod.1 instead of the Torpedo Bombers Mod.1, would you like to explain your thoughts behind that choice?

    • Extra 5 seconds attack time doesnt mean anything for torpedo bombers, you have to start aiming around 4km before enter mid range AA zone. Attack Aircraft Modification 1 very usefull against DDs.

    • @Toptier Replays Does this apply to all CV Rockets? I’m struggling with Hvars and Tiny Tims for taking out DDs.

  5. That Roon at the end, 21k damage with two rocket runs. Oof

    Also, the enemy Takao broke its back trying to carry, third best of both teams by exp when bottom tier, that’s impressive.

  6. 1. MM hates me throwing my planes against AA games, always
    2. shitwg must correct too high random falling bombs, 18 bombs each attack and only half reach the ship 70% of times
    3. shitwg should increase speed torps or +1 plane each attack, only 3 at 40 knots (poor Haku only can drop 2 :’/) with crap flood rate and creepy dmg makes me stress alot >:'(

  7. Should i get Audacious or Hakuryu?

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