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First Impression on the British Carriers and also Audacious, discuss the playstyle expected for the British Carriers. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X British Carrier Audacious Replay R; Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Those bombers seem way too powerful and those torps seem the better than other CV’s due to their accuracy plus power. At least USN & IJN tier 10 CV’s have their own weakness, but this CV seems way too powerful from the look of it. Dive bombers have to spend more time within AA range due to their dive, but these RN bombers are just stupid while still accurate and torps should not converge on any CV since it means the enemy cannot dodge too often any of them… Oh and having better survivability is just stupid, this should be a USN CV thing…

    • +Liam Turner Because of radial engines instead of water cooled? My point is that you cannot have the cake and eat it. If other tier 10 CV’s lack in some areas compared to others, why RN should have all the best of both?

    • +CloneD Anon They don’t get the best of both, they are very slow, which means you are consistantly in AA fire for longer than your peers, trading higher ship durability for lower hangar space = not easy to rapidly field full squadrons after heavy losses. good accurate torps but very short range, again the planes are in AA fire for longer, and the accuracy can be a detrement if the opponent dodges, and the cluster/carpet bombers will still be within shortrange AA when doing theri bombing run. besides, the stat numbers haven’t been fully tweaked yet, work in progress and everything

    • ​+Teh_Copbine They get good bombs and good torps that have high damage & flood chance. Due to their increased “suriviability” they can pull more precise torpedo attacks and their bombing run does not force them to stay for long in the AA anyway. You aerial torps should not converge in this game, that makes them nearly impossible to dodge. Well lets see after the flood rework, but so far the RN tier 10 CV seems pretty OP compared to the other two tier 10 CV’s. This is just my opinion.

    • +CloneD Anon And you may be completely right about this CV being OP in it’s current form, in my opinion though they seem to have some build in weaknesses that could give them a counter, but as the whole carrier thing is still being balanced, i would wait and see how it fares a little later down in develpoment.

    • +Teh_Copbine Agreed. It is still work in progress.

  2. This is hands down the Most OP CV In the game.

  3. Hate update hate update hate update

    • adapt or quit. you don’t have to stress out yourself

    • ^what he said

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      Oh dont worry Monk I think most are just gonna quit them pensioners better double or triple what they where spending

    • Raul Alexandru Bota

      So I like playing as a CV now but I’m not touching my BBs or any other surface ship because it’s not worth any more… I mean I’ve been trolling BBs so much it made me laugh at theyre efforts to try and cap or push or defend themselves ? CVs are good now because at least they’re realistically being effective.

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      CVs where effective before just because some people are decent now doesnt change the fact that the community was too fucking lazy to learn how to play and whined and cried to get this dumb down arcade shit

  4. imho the game right now is at a very critical point, especially in regards to carriers. they should first try to improve/fix the aviation/anti aircraft situation with the help and to the full content of the community, before moving on in this sector (pun intended). at this point the game is not in a state where new elements should be implemented

    • totally agree, if they fuck up the balancing hard the game will take serious damage, which makes me sad since i really enjoyed the game.

    • I don’t even bother with sector fire, its worthless especially if you’re being attacked by multiple squads of planes.

  5. What was that first squad? Sacrifice to the cv gods?

  6. I do not play CV’s but from what I’m seeing…this looks like good players get to kill off ships with practically 0 risk to themselves.
    -infinite planes meaning that any losses taken..are non-issues.
    -avoidable AI controlled anti-air on enemy ships, the avoidable part also seems to be the major portion of the AA damage..means the AA does practically nothing against a strike before it comes in.
    -planes can do multiple strikes per run, with very high odds of getting status ailments like fire and flooding.
    -exploitable “bounce off edge” mechanic.
    -extremely accurate strikes even on small and agile targets like destroyers, and with weapons that when used by ships tend to be prone to missing (torpedo)
    for bad or new players the flak burst will reduce their overall impact on the game because the’ll lose planes at an excessive rate, but they can’t be deplaned like a ship can have all his guns shot off…and its basically all the CV is risking to begin with as the planes have no limited airtime to counteract the fact they now have an on-board plane factory.
    this doesn’t look like it leveled the playing field between ships and CV’s atoll.

    • Odd ship tiers should be brought back this in my opinion will help with the feast or famine experience that CV’s and the rest of ships are experiencing.

    • “I do not play CV’s but…”. Thank you for your input.

    • Thanks for the listing, but you are exaggerating in all of your points, so I guess you are only a butthurt DD player.

    • Actually play a cv and learn how untrue your statement is. CVs are by far the weakest class when it comes to damage. Both teams need to be pretty stupid for the CV go capitalise in any way.

      Some games I’ve played and half the enemy team is dead in the first 5 minutes and I’ve only managed to get 24k damage dealt.

      BBs, cruisers and dds all have much better alpha strike damage

    • Just like how P2W Premiums and arty is killing off WoT, CVs will kill of WoWS soon enough. Such a shame.

  7. Tier X is OP so this is a bunk shill representation of the UK line -1

  8. Audacious? More like Outrageous, am I rite?

  9. I shot down 52 planes in a Duke of York the other day, followed by 35 in a King George V, survived both times, I’m liking this CV rework.

  10. Now I really see that wip ships are tested by good and bad players 😛 My heart’s bleeding when I’m looking on this gameplay 😀

  11. 0:42 how do u open that menu?

  12. I think the update is starting to appeal to me. It still needs a lot of work but it’s getting there. I like that it does feel like some ships such as the German dd line feel that they actually can take out a couple of planes when before they hardly did, but also if you play well enough at. The planes, you can strike at lone aa cruisers if you work your throttle. It’s hard but I did strike out an Atlanta with torps and boy was there salt.

    • I tripple citadelled a worcester with AP bombs high altitude drop, that maneuver is hard to perform and often times than not the aim is messed up or the cruiser turns out of the way before the bombs hit but when it lines just perfect you see the ship sailing into the bombs its extremely satisfying I like the rework it doesnt feel hopeless you can kill planes and defend urself even in a shimakaze and can sink strong AA ships if you play it right.

  13. A more in depth video on flack avoidance would be awesome

  14. Not British enough! It’s superstructure should look like a tea set, everyone knows that! And it’s planes should all look like scones! >=x

  15. today the best thing people can do is cry about anything and everything, the new gameplay changed a lot of camping into advancing, staying in a group next to Cruisers are now more recommended than ever… and being a CV or fighting against one is just… fun. I love it!

  16. It is simply unacceptable that plans can avoid flack when ships have no control over where flack goes.

    • Adapt or quit. Easy as that.

    • That does not fix an issue, the flak should be more controllable

    • Spineking Jørgensen

      +Gray Carlyle ‘Adapt’ My ass, we cant control the Flak so no matter how good a player is if the CV player is good enough he can yeet your reinforced AA side. Regardless the biggest problem with old CV’s is that there was a too big difference between good and bad players. That problem is still here and its bigger because flak is insanely strong so it shreds noobs but has gaps where good CV’s can abselutely avoid damage.

    • +Spineking Jørgensen Exactly, was watching Flamu play a game with this same carrier, was able to easily wreck tons of ships that are considered AA beasts… There is no adapt to this style of gameplay.

  17. Wargaming office: ‘so guys what’s the verdict with the new update?’

    Community manager: ‘everyone loves it!! Not one complaint in the forums’

    Wargaming: ‘Excellent news! There’s never been a better time to release some op cv’s’

  18. Game is totally broken. The gameplay in 8.0 is detected all the time relentlesss air attacks and Cvs that are very hard to find and kill. It’s terrible. Notser why are you doing the shill thing? Are they paying you now after the free trip?

    • You might as well call jingles a shill too.

    • Yep, thanks to trashy CCs like him we got 8.0, coz oh “they feel alright” …ofc that dumbass didn t think of the rest of the game, seems like Audacious is fine as well…next vid: “oh oh DDs aren t fine” …surprise surprise…but hey he felt that way as much as he felt IFHE on 203s makes sense… just a worthless and clueless idiot this guy

  19. Hello Again this may interest all who think British CV’s are broken.
    The 11th November 1940
    The potential for Naval Aviation to dramatically alter the strategies and tactics of the war at sea had been considered by many theorists since the First World War. At Taranto a single raid by slow, virtually obsolete old Bi-planes suddenly shattered many long cherished beliefs about the power of Battleships and naval gunnery.

    A possible attack on the Italian naval base at Taranto had been planned and prepared by the Royal Navy before the war. The operation called for the Fleet Air Arm to make a surprise attack with the carrier aircraft they had available. In 1940 that meant the Swordfish aircraft would have to make a long distance approach with auxiliary fuel tanks.
    Lieutenant M.R. Maund describes the reality for the men in the open cockpits of the venerable old Swordfish aircraft:

    Six thousand feet. God how cold it is here! The sort of cold that fills you until all else is drowned, save perhaps fear and loneliness. Suspended between heaven and earth in a sort of no-man’s land – to be sure, no man was ever meant to be here Is it surprising that my knees are knocking together?

    We have now passed under a sheet of alto-stratus cloud which blankets the moon, allowing only a few pools of silver where small gaps appear. And, begob, Williamson is going to climb through it! As the rusty edge is reached I feel a tugging at my port wing, and find that Kemp has edged me over into the slipstream of the leading sub-flight.

    I fight with hard right stick to keep the wing up, but the sub-flight has run into one of its clawing moments, and quite suddenly the wing and nose drop and we are falling out of the sky! I let her have her head and see the shape of another aircraft flash by close over-head.

    Turning, I see formation lights ahead and climb up after them, following them through one of the rare holes in this cloud mass. There are two aircraft sure enough, yet when I range up alongside, the moon-glow shows up the figure 5A — that is Olly. The others must be ahead.

    After an anxious few minutes some dim lights appear amongst the upper billows of the cloud, and opening the throttle we lumber away from Olly after them. Poor old engine – she will get a tanning this trip.

    We are now at 1,000 feet over a neat residential quarter of the town where gardens in darkened squares show at the back of houses marshalled by the neat plan of the streets that serve them. Here is the main road that connects the district with the main town. We follow its line and, as I open the throttle to elongate the glide, a Breda AA gun swings round from the shore, turning its stream of red balls in our direction.

    This is the beginning. Then another two guns farther north get our scent — white balls this time — so we throttle back again and make for a black mass on the shore that looks like a factory, where no balloons are likely to grow We must be at a hundred feet now and must soon make our dash across that bloody water …

    I open the throttle wide and head for the mouth of the Mar Piccolo, whose position … can be judged by the lie of the land. Then it is as if all hell comes tumbling in on top of us … the fire of one of the cruisers and the Mar Piccolo Canal batteries …

    The torpedo aircraft then had to launch their torpedoes from a steady height of 150 feet while travelling at 90 knots in order to cope with the relatively shallow water. This should have made them sitting ducks for the Anti-Aircraft guns of the Battleships and Cruisers that they were attacking, and heavy casualties were anticipated. In fact only two aircraft were shot down, the crew from one of them surviving as prisoners. Three battleships were hit by torpedoes, one was sunk and the two others seriously damaged.
    The other aircraft, carrying conventional bombs and flares to illuminate the target area, caused confusion as they attacked other targets. More ships were hit as well as dockyard installations.

    The attack established beyond doubt the potential of aerial launched torpedoes, even in relatively shallow harbour waters. It was closely studied by other navies around the world, not least in Japan. Pearl Harbour was just over a year away.

    More immediately it shifted the balance of naval power in the Mediterranean. Not only was a significant part of the Italian fleet put out of action, many of the remaining ships were swiftly moved to ports further north, out of harms way but further from their main area of operations.

    Now chaps we have a job to do. lets get it done!

  20. Tier 6 and 8 made the carpet bombing mechanic look awesome, then the tier 10’s bombs seem almost useless, but the torps are uber OP. Makes sense. 😀 (I’m betting on a big retune…)

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