Audacious: Ranked – World of Warships

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  1. Looks like the Audacious was a solid pick for Ranked. Thanks for Sharing!

  2. たさいぼう


  3. Some guy is rank 1 already (I’m on 9).
    I had once such team 5 rentals, one said “T10 aren’t fun, I’m not playing this game anymore, I don’t know guys what’s good to play this game with T10s”… the guy was having max T5 tech tree, bought the Lenin aaaand….yeah.

    • i gave feedback about rental ships like many other peoples but WG does not care. They dont care current player base. All about getting new players and fresh money.

    • Yes, for clan battles, the clan can decide if any member can use the rental ship, if they’re bad at it, the clan either accept the result or pick other player to play clan battles or whatnot. But in ranked battle, it’s totally RANDOM teamates, which will piss people off.

    • +TopTier I thought that’s what Ranked Sprint was for. A Ranked season for newer or less skilled players (i’m the latter).

  4. Why u were using 1/2speed under attack ?

  5. Think hakuryu is better. Even nerfed midway is more useful i think.

  6. The red team in this video is basically my team all the time lmao

  7. Pro_Gamer_1647 Pro27885

    Buff the Audacious pls xD

  8. Nice intro I wish I was as cool as you are TopTier 🐁

  9. Don’t have this ship but it looks like the carpet bombers are pretty weak. They should drop 8 bombs instead of 6. Bomb damage should be buffed too

  10. When the team plays well: less dmg we can make, but when plays too bad: high caliber and lose….

  11. C-17 Globmaster III

    Sur Wikipedia, ils disent que ces un porte-avion du Royaume Uni. Alors pourquoi sur WOW il est en français (Cela ne me dérange pas qu’il le soit français 😊)

  12. I swear the Audacious needs a buff, I reached rank 10 by just playing the Audacious and I can say it wasnt that impressive because the other enemy Cvs (Midway and Haku) perform way better even after they got nerfed.

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