Austin + Halsey + Confederate is BRUTAL – World of Warships

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This ship is just brutal af.

There’s not much I can say besides it’s as broken as WG can make it.

Yes you can die easy in it but as long as you’re alive, stuff around WILL DIE xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Alessandro Filippi

    Flambass is the only streamer who did not figure out how to make his green screen to work.

  2. I took ONE look at the title and immediately went “NO! THIS IS NOT OK!”

  3. Antonio Saavedra A.

    “We love to mess with your mental sanity Flambass.” – Wargaming HQ.

  4. Ohh im healing my soul right now… *lmao* He didn’t had a scratch on him, 15 sec ago. Bitch *world class content*

  5. Dr Evil approves this video : it shows Austin powers :p

  6. And we thought Smolensk was bad!?
    WG: Hold my Beer!

  7. That Halland probably uninstalled right afterwards

  8. Once that Halsey buff kicks in your captain is telepathically telling enemies dumb enough to break cover *’You are already dead’*

  9. Those two DD’s at the beginning: “JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE?!?”

  10. You see Ivan? I click, click, click he die. PERFECTION

  11. In case anyone did not notice, he had 107 hits in 15 seconds with halsey activated + reload booster; no AR.

  12. Watching flambass have fun with austin is definitely food for the soul.

  13. Hiperoptik Vasküler Dondurucu

    Austin be like: So anyway i started blasting

  14. Bite My Shinny Metal Arse

    “Austin again? uuuuuweeeeee …Texas Barbecue comin’ up ya´ll .. yahhhhhhhhhh… yahhhhhhhhhh” Jimmy Barnes approves

  15. You shouldnt watch a Flambass+Austin vid without headphones, its harder to explain then certain +18 vids…

  16. they brought back the beta Cleveland in the form of Austin

  17. Austin to Smolensk:
    “Look at me! I’m the Dakka now”

  18. halland: exists
    austin: “Punishment: *Death* ”

    edit: those dds on your team though

  19. Flambass to his Gunners: “You see this ship?”
    Gunners to Flambass: “Yeah!”
    Flambass to his Gunners: “I dont wanna.”
    Gunners to Flambass: “Say no more.”

  20. Daylight4449 Fan

    Flambass: “Come on Thunderer, shoot someone thats not me”
    *thunderer shoots at someone thats not him*

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