Autoaim on World of Warships Legends, NOT a MYTH…..

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autoaim works on WOWSL, and everything you need to about to master it and have faith in this B.S. mechanic that has been built into the game…..


  1. Use it all the time pal, dont know how people think it doesn’t work. Try it – it does. Good vid pal. 👍👍

  2. The only thing it should do is centre your aim on your target and then you have to make lead and aim adjustments

    • That’s the way it worked when the game was new

    • @Jody Allen its been like this since pre release, so unless you’re talking about alpha and beta versions, it hasn’t changed…..

    • @HighCal King you’ve got a shit ton of games under your belt, and you’re obviously a very skilled player. I’ve got around 10k battles myself. It is my recollection that very early in the game my reticle fixed amidship on the enemy target. I would then have to gauge the proper lead depending on the speed of the enemy’s motion. I have been bitching about this auto aim for a long time. Perhaps my recollection is in error…I am not infallible, but I would wager real money on this. I’ve got a few early captures still saved, though they may not be early enough, I’ll have to give them another look. Auto aim was implemented very early on, but every fiber of my being tells me that it was not always so. All the best King, really enjoy your content!

    • @Jody Allen To be honest, my memory isnt very good… but, if it was not a thing back then, I was still a beginner and learning and might have been as oblivious as others are now….. wg staff has said its been the same since day 1 though

  3. Spot-on observations HighCal. I’ve been playing Legends since shortly after launch, and auto aim was not always there. You would target a ship and the reticle would fix center mass. You would then gauge the speed and bearing of the target and adjust accordingly. I’m a feel shooter, and in the early days I had a real advantage because I would most often hit the enemy while they would often miss, usually to the rear of my ship. Not real sure when the auto-aim system was implemented, but it’s been in the game for quite some time. I would love to see it removed, and let’s get back to employing real skill in hitting our targets

  4. I get it lol that answered a few questions 🤣

  5. Man awesome info. Where do I get it?

  6. I saw this commented on Spartan’s video one time and then I read a reddit post about it. I tried it and while it gives a nice quick idea on how fast someone is going. One thing I found out that is consistent is that most ships that are sailing broadside. It’s giving you the basic idea where to shoot for those citadel shots so pretty much it’s a citadel tracker with some adjustments of course. After I found this out. My citadel targeting rate skyrocketed bc of this. Yes, it’s bullshit. I agree it shouldn’t be in the game and it needs to be removed but fuck it. If it’s here. I’m going to make use of it.

  7. I wish WG would take this out of the game. So frustrating. Great Video bud.

  8. Nice vid thought id leave a comment to help you out

  9. It auto aims target lead at 20kts max faster than that you have to adjust 10km range and under I normally just send it no adjustment

  10. This is why I don’t consider Aim a “Skill” in this Game. It’s just super easy to get a general idea with this feature.

  11. Good advice dude. Not using auto aim is a big disadvantage 👍👍
    For once “simplifying for console players” actually works in our favour. 🤷
    And in terms of not liking the feature? Nope, it’s fine for me. It flattens the skills curve, but the skill of adjusting, such as into superstructure of a bowtanking battleship is all in the players hands. And that makes a difference. Particularly in 1v1s.

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  13. Bro, get this video to war gaming and get people like this banned don’t use this to make people buy this stuff

    • @HighCal King if there is cheating going on and you got proof of it don’t showcase it here on YouTube so people get that cheat and we can’t enjoy the game. This happened to pubg on console and now instead of having a community against cheats we got Streamers using them so they look like pro players. I would get this vid off of here not bc it’s you but bc of people who are going to look for the cheat

    • @TheShadowHunter its a part of the game. I initially did bring it up to wargaming, and their stance appears to be its working at intended because us console plebs couldn’t possibly figure out how to use the reticle correctly with tot and elevation leads…. I’m with you 100%

  14. Great video bud! Even with the autoaim it isn’t fool proof. There is a bit of finesse in the leading of the target especially when they are angled in or away from you Appreciate your time and the video!

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