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Discussing proposed nerf to the duration of fire on Azuma and Alaska, also discuss why Stalingrad and Kron weren’t mentioned. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Japanese Cruiser Azuma Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Notser, I gotta ask, are you going to do a video on Yuudachi (Poi)?


    • sultryjmac nah dude a dd with 50mm plating is not op at all. Look at ussr cruisers, they even have the same armour plating as dd! Such weak armor amirite guys

    • +Toshihiko You know that only the side armor of the Khaba (and not fully even there) is 50mm? Meanwhile its ALL other stats (except top speed) are terrible? If i want a good gunboat that can even torp, i would rather take the Harugumo.

    • +sultryjmac moskva? no. good but not the best. Khaba? honestly rather average now due to its detection range and awful rudder shift. Grozovoi? all rounder, not best at anything.

    • CloneD Anon thats a big eh. Haragumo is way too clumsy, she has no top speed for open water gunboating. Big ship slow speed = ez to kill. Not to mention she doesnt have a heal. I wouldnt say Haru is weak. But Khaba isnt as weak as u trying to portrait mate.

  3. Are Alaska and Azuma really that much better than Stalingrad? Without their spec details (since it’s still WIP) and maybe a stuntman-esque side by side analysis, I’m not sure one way or another for this ship-specific nerf on fire damage (what about flooding?).

    • Niwa Nagahide well then her AP is shit as well if you compare it that way. SG and Kron has better AP pen value than Azuma. Does it make it worse by any mean? No

    • +Toshihiko i never said that azuma is worse tahn those two because HE is underperforming.
      AP is not the best, but it is still way better than other tx crusiers, and it doesnt need stalin godtier ap pen, it already has the “how the fuck did he get th” factor

    • Niwa Nagahide tbh i dont know what r u trying to tell me anymore. I never said Azuma is bad but u insist to tell me how good she is. Like whaaa?

    • +Toshihiko ” well then her AP is shit as well if you compare it that way. SG and Kron has better AP pen value than Azuma. Does it make it worse by any mean? No”
      Poitns hos SG annd KR are supperior in on aspect of it, then concludes with “””Does it make it worse by any mean?NO “”” which indicates argument that azuma is worse.

    • Niwa Nagahide what are u on about? I said Azuma HE alpha is very high compare to other cruisers and you said well no zao has better HE dpm. So i gave an example saying how even tho its weaker than one or two ships in some aspect doesnt mean the subject is worse by default. Did i say Azuma is weak because her AP pen value isnt as high as SG or Kron? Her AP is still good in her class just not as strong as the two ships we are comparing.

      You might as well say SG is shit with thay logic of yours. Coz her HE dpm isnt as good as Zao or Azuma. Smh

  4. Neither have been released to the main servers, so they’re still a WiP. Calling the change to their fire time duration a Nerf might be a bit of an overstatement. Nevertheless your point is well taken, and I agree that it should be a world wide change / Nerf to the “Battle Cruiser” class of ships which as you point out have a real chance of unbalancing competitive play.

  5. People who call these battlcruisers are completely oblivious to what a battlecruiser is.

    • +A Man of Culture They are still battleship guns and battleships. So what you are trying to tell me is that if guns get outdated they all of a sudden cease to be battleship guns and so they cease to be battleships. Damn, Does not make sense what so ever. 305mm qualifies as bb guns. The end. Bismarck was not a battleship anymore when the Yamato came out, because 380mm was inferior to 420mm and so it ceased to qualify as battleship guns. Does this make sense?

    • +Jack In The Box

      By that logic the 127mm guns on DD’s are capital ship guns because the biggest gun on a capital ship at one point was 5 inches so therefore a destroyer should be called a battleship since apparently you think that the definition of things cannot change with time.

    • HMS Hood was a battlecruiser.

    • +A Man of Culture Except a DD does not have the hull to make up for a capital ship. It’s vastly smaller in size and weight. Not even nearly armored enough to be called a capital ship. Alaska however does.

    • +Jack In The Box The Alaska does not come close at all to the hull of a capital ship. Capital ships had layered armor with Torpedo bulges and angeled armor internal armor belts along with multiple rupture zones to increase survivability against torpedoes but the Alaska is literally just a Baltimore hull but upscaled so the Alaska lacks literally all of the extra protection that capital ships have.

      It isn’t a stretch to say the Alaska has a worse armor scheme and worse armor than even some heavy cruisers in everything but outright belt thickness.

  6. Notser…. this nerf just shows that WG isn’t paying attention to the community. Stalingrad, although not a “Cruiser” or a “Battleship”, is posting damage numbers (36,000) average more than its closest tier 10 cruiser counterparts and the numbers are also higher than all the other tier 10 battleships. Kronstadt is also clearly overperforming. WG’s explanation is a joke on the development blog in regards to the Azuma and Alaska. You can’t say the ships ready, then nerf it, give the screwed up explanation that they did when there are already ships in the game in the same “class” that happen to be Russian and haven’t been touched. If WG is saying Azuma and Alaska are overpowered then fine, but fix the CLEARLY broken other ships in the same class in the game because it just looks like Russian bias. Whoever is in charge of WG Warships PR are doing a great job of screwing up.

    • kronshtad’s guns are inconsistent as hell, not op at all, its too frustrating to play, no thanks, I wont spend that much free xp on that game experience

    • +Meister Wunderfart CC’s and many ST’s are actually really bad at the game. Many normal players are light years ahead of these people.

    • +白いバラ If anyone has been power-creeped, it’s been the USN-line. The *only* reason to play USN-cruiser line is because they get access to radar early (but not hydro on Baltimore…why?), and the RN cruisers have diverse consumables and torpedoes to compensate for lack of armor. Other than that, they suffer from a lack of armor and firepower compared to everyone else’s ships. Worthless Zao? A ship that can literally toss 5000-8000k HE salvos on battleships without trying? Ditto for every IJN cruiser now having the accuracy buff (I got two 8200k HE salvos on a Bismark last night in my Myoko). What about the improved IJN 127mm and 100mm gun performance, even without IFHE and Demo. Expert equipped? German ships getting improved HE performance without IFHE? RN destroyer super guns?
      And here’s another example: I was playing my Schors during a 110,000 damage game. 52,000 of that came from a Nagato. I did about 30k to it solely with HE (btw this was the game before I unlocked IFHE for it). As he tried to round a corner at 6km, I let loose with 2.5 broadside AP salvos; that’s where the remaining damage came from. There would of been 0% chance of that happening if I was in my tier-higher Baltimore or Cleveland. Forget about the tier-7 USN cruisers matching that.

    • To anyone who thinks the stalingrad is OP, (1) it is just as vulnerable as conqueror is to focus fire, (2) every cruiser can counter the stalingrad, (3) Montana easily counters it, (4) AP bombs eat it alive, (5) the definition of OP is a ship with few or no counters (F.E. the Belfast and the Kutuzov) end conclusion, it’s a very powerful ship

    • Stop comparing Stalingrad damage to tech tree T10 ships that have been out for ages. The Stalingrad has these higher damage average numbers because its owned for the most part by the highest skilled players in the game. Those who know what they’re doing. Using random stats as a baseline for omg this ship is OP is stupid and you are stupid for bringing it up as an argument.

  7. Glad I got the Kronshtadt, Russian ships won’t be affected of course

    • I got the Kron while I could and figured I’d get the AK in good time. Alas my interest has waned quite a bit, we’ll see what they finally put out.

    • Just remember that the Kronshtadt citadel is SUPER long.

      you don’t even need to hit the middle of the ship to deal damage, you could shoot ahead of the first turret and behind the 3rd turret to get a citadel.

      But hey, I love my Kronshtadt, its fun and powerful.

    • +Legions Typhoon if you go broadside ofc. Yamato or Montana can’t go broadside like that either. It’s suicide in high tiers. But if you angle on Kronshtad it’s pretty tanky.

  8. It’s sounding more and more like I’m not going to be using that 1 million free xp any time soon.

  9. The only way this is fair is if it’s a global change and effects the Stalingrad too. Stupid thing is breaking clan battles

    • +Tiago Casquinho khabarovsk, grozovoi – you think shimakaze ever got as many handjobs as khaba and groz have received in, as such, grozovoi’s short lifetime?

    • +ArmchairWarrior Khaba was nerfed into the ground and Grozovoi is medicore tier 10 DD at best aka master of none. At least Shima was buffed and has always been a good torpedo DD. Hell, i consider the tier 8 IJN Akitzuki a better gunboat DD than Khaba, not even to mention Harugumo and both have at least great torps with torp boost consumable.

    • +Tiago Casquinho Kutuzov is not for sale and its still less OP than Belfast which is also not for sale, though both were nerfed with the smokefire nerf. Kronstad is decent ship but far from “OP” because of horrible armor with 25mm all around, so no tanking and bad gun dispersion. This leaves with only ONE overpowered Soviet ship that is literally behind a steel wall aka the Stalingrad.

    • +A Guy oh you’re such a pro, good for you, it still shows that it’s stronger than other t10 cruisers like mino, Hindenburg or henry

    • +Tiago Casquinho   no none of those (except minotaur) are stronger than Stalin, every t10 cruiser (except minotaur) can easily counter a stalingrad. Henri ifhe and hindy both have 51mm and 50mm pen respectively. Both are used to counter stalingrads in clan battles. Not saying I’m the best player but that is what my clan does on the regular

  10. WG will not nerf Comrade Stalin and Kronstad.
    Reasons :
    1. they are Preniums
    2. they are Russian

    • Oh, stalin is outperforming, well, guess we stop selling it, and create another small group of players allowed to basically legal-cheat (c) WG

    • Most premiums get buffs not nurfs after release. Like the LoYang sonar from 3.27 to 5.4km, Prinz Eugen got heal, Z-39 sonar buff from 4.4 km to 5km, Indianapolis radar buff from 8.5km to 9.9km, harekaze torpedo reload buff, Warspite turret traverse speed increase, Cossack faster torp reload, Ashitaka shells buff from type 88 to 91. But some get nerfs like Dunkerque sigma from 1.8 to 1.7 , Enterprise AP bombs nerf (alpha damage reduced almost by half) , Kaga secondary guns that don’t deal much damage like it was in the past due to AP to HE secondary change, Roma vertical dispersion after release was much worse than in the tests. So much more buffs than nerfs but there are premium nerfs. Mostly those nerfs are done quietly.

    • +cobrazax Wrong. Suggest you read the EULA you signed again. They can change anything they deem necessary. You paid for access to PIXELS, not for access for the performance of the PIXELS.

    • +R Reno
      Well either they dont nerf them or they piss off a lot of players…thats for sure

    • +cobrazax That’s true, people get pissed, mostly because they don’t like losing out on the advantages they had prior to the nerf.

  11. Wargaming is obviously has Russian bias. If you are going to nerf other boats except Russian boats, than the game is bias.

    My solution put all of these “battle cruisers” at 45 second or a minute fires.

    • ​+TallGiraffe Obviously, but so USSR was for tank industry and this is my exact point that this whole mythical “Russian bias” thing has been carried from WoT to WoWS even though even at its current state USSR has only a single “OP” ship in WoWS aka the Stalingrad.

    • +CloneD Anon Khab was really op when it came out, but it took wargaming half a year to nerf it while they nerfed other ships within a few weeks or months.
      But all I can say is just wait till the Russian bbs come out comrade 😛

    • +elmateo77 Now Khaba has been nerfed to into the ground and almost nobody plays it, meanwhile WG added crazy IJN gunboats with good torps and torp reload boosters to tier 8-10 with 32mm HE pen with IFHE. The tier 8 IJN gunboat Akizuki is crazy OP for its tier, i do way better on it than on any Soviet DD. WG should have given Khaba at least the 8km slow torps that Gremy has…

    • +elmateo77 Nikolai and Okt Rev

    • +BigLoo Ships that are not for sale or are only available trough gambling means do not count. Nikolai is not for sale and Okt Rev is a worse, +1 higher tier Nikolai, not OP

  12. It isnt justified at all unless the nerf is across the board for Stalingrad, Kronstadt, Alaska, and Azuma. WG is worried about Alaska/Azuma but yet dont even bother touching Stalingrad/Kronstadt is hypocritical at its core.

    • +Richard Mueller Yes Stalingrad is OP. Because they are premium ships that have been already released (and Kron is getting removed next patch) and WG almost never nerfs premium vehicles that have been already released in any of their games.

    • +Meister Wunderfart What the fuck is your problem? Are some kind of a fucking racist or do you simply dislike people who speak multiple languages and are more educated than you? Kronstad decent ship, but no means its “OP”, unlike Stalingrad. I would rather lose -11k hp from Kronstad and take 30mm deck armor + 27mm bow & stern armor so it could actually tank something.

    • +CloneD Anon no problem dude, I’ve just been stating my opinion on this matter and you going around defending WG for its potential bias…. and racist? Because? I dont agree with your opinion on the ships? The very fact you are even saying such shows to me you really aren’t what you say you are…. which is educated. I don’t really do the whole internet trolling train.. so carry on comrade.

    • +CloneD Anon Stalingrad is a steel ship, and as such is not listed in the tech tree as a premium ship on the Russian Line, where as Kron is so Stalingrad can be nerfed, which is another issue but separate from this.

      Either way, back in topic, both of them have 45 second fire duration (Kron/Stalingrad) for being Heavy/Large/Battle Cruisers or however you want to call it, they take up a cruiser slot in game. Yet, the lack of consistency as it relates to “Balance” with these ships that WG likes to say is ridiculous. Either make them all 45 seconds fire duration or 60. The flip-flopping back and forth between these different cruiser lines is asinine.

    • +Richard Mueller I agree with you that this is stupid thing what WG does, but this is also WiP so we will have to wait for the release….

  13. The Alaska is not even out yet and this is the second or third time it’s been nerfed! I really want this ship, but if they nerf it to death… maybe not…

    • i wnated the azuma, now i wont get it anymore, if there is one thing i hate in WoWs its the fires on battleships, now putting battleship fire duration on a cruiser just trespassed it by far…

    • The Alaska was fine in the beginning. It was strong but not overpowered. Now it’s not worth playing. It brings nothing to the table that a cruiser or battleship can’t.

    • Starting to look like you will have to choose IF Alaska is ever released.

      Choose an AA build and be burnt to the water line by HE.
      Choose an anti-fire build and be torpedoed or bombed.
      Try for improved accuracy and rudder shift and be torpedoed, bombed, and burnt to death.

      I can’t wait for submarines to come out.

    • If it’s not released they can nerf it as long as they want. See how many nerfes got the Jean Bart.

  14. *I DO NOT Like that WarGaming is essentially LOCKING Battlecruisers behind a massive Grind/Pay wall! WTF?! Why the hell can we NOT have these ships in a regular cruiser branch? WHY DOES THE STALINGRAD GET 2.65 SIGMA?! And lastly, WHY ARE ALL OF THESE TIER 9 AND 10 PREMIUMS STRAIGHT UP BETTER THAN REGULAR SHIPS? At least in the case of Stalingrad versus Moskva anyway!* Zao still has a place versus Azuma at least….

    • DysphoricSmile at this point, might as well give the battlecruisers 2.65 sigma like the graf spee And stalingrad.

    • I have both ships and my Stalin has a 13k avg damage over the moskva but the moskva is way tankier so if you give me a 12-20km brawl against a stalin, there is no way for the Stalin to counter the moskva 50mm due to dpm… I rarely play my Stalin because it is so easily countered by other ships. A good stalingrad player doesn’t scare me but a good zao, or Wooster, or henri player would scare me way more

  15. The claim that Stalingrad and Kronshtadt are “Premiums” is somewhat debatable, depending on the point of view if they are to be considered articles bought for real money (which so far is not true, you couldn’t buy Steel directly so far for money as you can buy doubloons for money), so it might be argued that they are instead “Reward” ships, perhaps eligible to balancing changes without the necessity of offering a refund.
    I just took a look at the dev blog on Facebook and one may call it quite a shitstorm broken loose in the comment section over there…the community is NOT appreciating this unbalanced change. Note though: people don’t complain about the nerf itself which is kind of justified, the issue at hand is that Kronshtadt and especially Stalingrad, the latter being known as absurdly broken, are again kept untouched.
    Now if Wargaming had a basic understanding of fairplay, they would argue that this nerf is necessary but given they perhaps are bound by law to keep released products unchanged or having to offer a refund, they then by simple logic would see that bringing nerfs to unreleased ships would simply unbalance their own game and not be fair to their own playerbase/community.
    IF this nerf goes live, it’s a clear way of saying “fk off!” to their community and I personally ain’t too happy about that…
    Thanks for your video about this matter, Notser! Keep up bringing such issues to the wider audience!

    Edit: On a sidenote – another option for them would be to release this nerf to Alaska and Azuma and at the same time remove Stalin permanently from store…still not completely fair but at least some water applied to the burned area…

    • I totally agree… it’s the whole thing plus the price hike in free xp.. It’s really not a good image being portrayed to the community.

    • Since WG has started essentially selling steel for real money (through the purchase-only steel campaign and premium ship only steel missions) I’d say steel ships can be considered premium ships now.
      Btw just making it so new people can’t get a ridiculously overpowered ship while letting the people who already have it keep it is a terrible solution, I hate when game devs do that.

  16. The nerf is 100% unwarranted. According to devblog the Azuma is just a big Zao with more pronounced weaknesses in its armor. Making the fire duration longer will affect its playability. On another note, using random battles as an example for a ships performance is a terrible practice. Randoms are easy to perform well in, especially in a ship that excels at HE spam (Zao etc) regarding Stalingrad. STOP SAYING THIS SHIP IS OVERPOWERED. Its really not that hard to deal with when you think about it. Players THINK its overperforming but in actuallity it is not. The stats are skewed because oh to nobodies surprise ONLY THE TOP CLANS WHO GROUND OUT 3 SEASONS OF CLAN BATTLES OWN IT. IE: the highest skilled players in the game. So of course the ships stats will be high. Randoms are either too lazy or too stupid to figure out how to counter it. The only thing it can do well is punish other peoples mistakes. Competitively this clan battle season its been around, but its threat level has been at the bottom area of moderate.

    • +Alec Whalen ok fanboy. My entire comment was related to what he’s saying.

    • Stalin Is not that op when you look at its weaknesses. the only problem is that people do not meet it that often in randoms and dont know what to do against it.
      i’ve played 1 v 1 stalin on stalin against a not so good players that dont know how stalin works and easely won the fights with killing them while taking only 10- 20 k dmg in return.
      it is op, but it can be countered by any ship as long as you use your own ship to your strengths, not his., ive sunk stalins with shima, yugumo, DM, harugumo, yamato, conq, borg…
      it is not that difficult, you just need to play to your strengths, not his.

      Now, when it comes to comp, the meta is different than that of random matches.
      the reason why you have 1 BB limit is because BBs are very influential, and if you would have 2 bbs, they would lockdown the map with crossfires and dominate the match.
      now, you have a ship, which is not a BB but performs as one, what do you do ? Well you take it ofc.
      Radar which it has is just a bonus, deff means nothing because no CVS.

      And if you still complain how Stalin is OP you obviously havent played agaisnt Borg( ), my avg in that beast is 60k higher than in yamato and PR is not even super unicum.
      Borg is a much faster azuma with bigger guns, gun reload boost and speed boost.
      that thing by itself has DPM of 2 conqs. when there is borg in the enemy team you are fighting a 12 vs 13 and on top of that, that Borg which commands those two ships knows exactly what he is doing and is making you do all of the mistakes he will punish.

      and those are all solo games in it, 50 % is the proper random win, remaining 30 % is a hard carry of the games which team so desperately tried to throw.
      This is the ship which can actually carry those
      GL HF

    • Icecaptain – “Randoms are either too lazy or too stupid to figure out how to counter it” – bit unkind on ‘normal’ players aren’t you? Some people play this game for FUN.
      As to the other replies to your comment I’m not in a clan so can’t add anything to their responses, other than to say that they all seem rather ‘partisan’? 🙂
      When two groups are so (apparently) entrenched in their own position, in my experience, reasoned discussion flies out of the window…. 🙂

    • Icecaptain well said.

      And to complain that they over performing in CB and Ranked is equally biased as you have the best of the best versus potatoes.

    • +steve Q When these “normal” players cry for nerfs on things that really are undeserving of said nerfs, yes i will say they are too stupid or lazy to figure out how to counter things. It has nothing to do with being “unkind”. Stalingrad for example again, has the exact same citadel weakness that Yamato does. Stalingrad is weak to IFHE spam, just like a battleship is. Stalingrad has 14 km surface detection. The fact people are trying to argue is that this ship is broken is wrong. General population players should stop complaining if they just play “for fun”. Cause if they are playing “for fun” ship stats shouldn’t bother them.

  17. This nerf is as counter-intuitive as the YueYang nerf. I don’t understand their calculus at WG.

  18. Anyone who calls the Kronshtadt overpowered has clearly never played the Kronshtadt. Stalin’s the ridiculous one

    • Agreed. You take a miss step in these and pay hard core

    • •_Lumia Art_• yep. If you disengage when spotted, expect to eat a shitton of damage.

      Made even worse when you see 4 or more when priority target shows you how many people are aiming at you.

      Kron can’t bow tank like the Stalin, and the citadel on the Kronshtadt is just offensively long and can be hit easily because pluging fire, despite not being far above water (waterline citadel)

    • The Kronshtadt is not op in general, but in relation to the other tier 9 cruisers she really is. Thats all WG wants. Their soviet dream ships to be the best tier by tier in their respective class, especially in high tiers.
       (see Khaba, Stalingrad, Kronshtadt, OPerator Nikolai and October Revolution- that is only 2nd best in tier 5 bbs whaaaaaat??? russian bias debunked)

    • +Monika tada this is BS.
      currently most powerfull ships are, Borg, henry and repu in that order
      and they are all french.
      they do not just counter the soviet ships, they counter everything

    • Legions Typhoon or maybe they want an easily accessible premium for the soviet cruiser line that can actually train my fucking Moskva captain that doesn’t require 999999 hours in clanwars to obtain you ameriwanker

  19. I would like for the Moskva and the Balancegrad to have more of a Chapayev-Kutuzov relationship

  20. アドミラルヒッパー

    This is why WOWS players are disappearing…

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