Azuma First Impression – World of Warships

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First Impression of the Azuma and the game became a classic, hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Japanese Cruiser Azuma Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Gah, I’ll come back when it’s in 1080p.

  2. What happen to the video quality

  3. จุลดิศ ตะกรุดแก้ว

    Need 480p.

  4. 360P, Cmon Notser my eyes are bleeding watching in that res. Ill be back when it will be 1080I. Cheers

  5. Very exciting match to watch.

  6. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Coal pls coal pls coal pls coal pls The only thing that I dislike about this is the shape of the citadel, one which would be as Zao one or maybe a little bit above the waterline from bridge to aft superestructure and that’s it

  7. You did a great job doing damage to enemies, but either the incompetence of the enemy gunnery officers or the inattention of their captains saved your day. A well played massachusets would’ve deleted you with all the broadside you offered it on a silver platter. Good work and favourable situations gave you a great game.

    • well said noster always seem to play against the dumb side of WOW always giving broadside stopping in open water why can i never find these players in my yamato….

  8. Eventho its 360p I can really tell it looks like a zao hull get scaled, but the superstructure aren’t, pretty weird looking ship :/

    • It looks more like a Yamato hull to me- the B65 cruiser design used many design concepts from the Yamato class.

    • Is that so ? I dont remember this design using the bulbous bow too…. but u got the point r8 ? It looks like stock hull amagi, big big hull less superstructure, not proportional in the way looking of superstructure and the hull…

    • It looks more like a Yamato, I mean this statement is even on the wikipage for this ship lol, project B-65
      I actually quite like the Azuma’s appearance tho

    • Adau K Wyun Probably the one thing that I don’t like about Zao and Azuma is the seemingly illogical rearward portion of the superstructure. Just lots of flat empty deck space filled with ships instead of AA guns! Whilst the Zao has some weird single crane at the rear… Not adhering to the IJN ‘rule’ of two catapults, and not looking like any crane before it. (Freestanding, rather than attached to a mast.) Good looking from the front, not so good from other perspectives.

  9. RIP Des Moines. BWAHAHA

  10. ハンセンウェスリー

    It doesn’t hold a candle to the Mikasa unfortunately…

  11. This was supposed to be a ship first impression and instead a game replay broke out….

  12. Why only 360p?
    Update: why only 480p?
    Update: why only 720p?


  13. So how can you eventualy earn her when she will arive into the server

  14. That’s one of my big annoyances, when friendlies park themselves alongside you and don’t understand that you need to turn where they are to protect yourself. Potatoes can barely think for their own ship, never mind understanding the requirements of others.

    • Plus they make everyone that much easier to splatter from focus fire because if they miss you, they will probably hit your buddy.

  15. Semi-Historical German T10 Battlecruiser when? O-class with her 6x380mm replaced by 9x305mm and done. Still historically more accurate than the Kurfürst btw…

  16. 0:53 Shows broadside to an enemy BB, gets citadeled. Shocking, Notser!

  17. 4:05 It’s completely insane that this won’t be out before the CV rework. The CV rework is being rushed out *far* before it’s ready. It’s going to be a clusterfuck.

  18. Can it mount def AA instead of hydro?

  19. I wonder if this is gonna be the next steel ship, or another 1 mill xp ship? its different cause its tier 10. feels like a steel ship

    • I find it interesting that even before Alaska is released, WG decides to introduce news about a tier 10 “battlecruiser”. It appears that Azuma, at least on paper, may be superior to Alaska. 2,000,000 fxp? 50,000 steel? 500,000 coal? Who knows. Wonder when the German and French lines get a upper tier super cruiser.

  20. Hey Notser, thank you for the great content on youtube and Twitch. I wish you a Merry Christmas and I hope your mother is doing better.

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