AZUMA is HERE =) World of Warships

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  1. I think Zao is better than this… I love torps

  2. My God, this scrolling in and out of aim is really annoying ???

    • +Mclaren v8 If you don’t enjoy it, then just don’t watch it… My clan leader is NOT a showman and Panzernacker is the only one to choose if the game is good enough to be posted. If you hate that scrolling, well you’d better complain at Nacker than the player since the only one who decides wether to upload a replay is him. So yes, the video is for the viewers indeed, but the replay was first inteded to Panzernacker

    • +Gaelus Rex Both are at fault then. ?‍♂️

    • +Mclaren v8 It’s nobody’s fault. That’s all. That’s what you don’t understand.

    • +Gaelus Rex The fact that you think there’s no fault makes you the illogical one.

    • +Gaelus Rex we got it, u suck ur clan leaders dick

  3. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Wish they kept the good accuracy, because the armor is terrible Let’s hope Yoshino doesn’t have that problem

  4. Its here, but nobody is buying it hah. On alaskas release day there were 5 per side in many games, never fewer than 2, even 20 minutes after the patch dropped. Ive played 10 games this morning and havent seen a single one. The armor sucks and the accuracy doesnt make up for it. Pass.

    • +jay Vee This! The other guy is too far up his own ass to realize that most people went for alaska and dont have the free xp yet, and want to wait to hear reviews from youtubers…

    • Ugh. Yeah sure im up my ass. Azuma is nothing special. If it was, people would have waited and bought the better of the two. See, defeated by your own non logic. But im the one up my ass, what do i know. Azuma was finalized by the time alaska was released, plenty of youtuber coverage. Lwm released her review this morning (mehbote, and she was being diplomatic, she hates it). The only people saving for this thing are 1. Weeberoos or 2. Collectors who buy everything anyway. Dont go off all half cocked when my position is mirrored by the majority of the non weegee fan boi ccs as well. Im sure its an ok ship, but its certainly not worth the 1mil free xp or 80$ cash to most, and the numbers in the queue reflect this. Oh, and an argueably better version is in the pipeline for coal, so double why bother.

    • +endo mofo “people would have waited” for a ship that was nowhere near finalised when the Alaska came out? I have the ship and I have a 90% win rate so far (10 battles) and good stats. She takes work but he guns are what its all about. Citadelling BBs is rather fun. She cant brawl but then if she could her guns would be ridiculous. The only change I would make would be to have DefAA and Hydro in seperate shots. With the current AA meta you cannot risk putting Hydro on.

    • +Andy S im glad you are enjoying the ship. I never said it was garbage, of course a good player is going to do well, as is the case with any ship. A 10 battle sample is far too small to bring up your win rate however. I went 15 and 0 with le terrible when i first got her, closer to 55% now. The fact remains its armor is terrible, the citadel is near vanguard size and it does one thing moderately well, spam he from long range at battleships. Zao or even Ibuki do the same, with far fewer drawbacks. It lacks any of the flexibilty and utility that alaska and kronstadt bring to the game. The value just isnt there for many people. Its sad really, I had high hopes for this ship, i love battle cruisers, and own every other example in the game, but im sitting this one out, and im far from alone. I hope her t10 refit is better, though the huge citadel isnt likely to change, maybe they will give it a useable bow, or even a decent bulkhead ala krondstadt. Would make a big difference, and give the ship a lot more flexibilty in a variety of situations.

    • +Andy S 10 battles lol.. How can u talk bout WR’s in just 10 battles??

  5. Super Type-A b65…. Good heavy AA, excellent large caliber guns….

    Hmmm, Type B cruiser? (B “AA role”)

    Type 98 100mm/65
    19,500m ASuW
    14,000m AAA
    15-22rpm with 13kg Common shell

    310mm/50 Type 0
    32,000 or 34,000m ASuW
    3rpm with 561kg Type 91 APC Shell

    In the case Rengo Kantai wanted to build 36cm (14.2 inches) naval guns in a triple turret. It is not known whether they would be the same superb weapons of Kongou, Fuso and Ise class, with a caliber of 45 and 35,450 meters of reach at 43 degrees or 50 caliber with 39,200 meters of reach at 45 degrees of elevation.

    It has two designs on the B65 cruiser, being a ship that can fight battleships at a safe distance, since 210mm of belt would not survive a 14 and 16-inch shot in a real combat at 15km. Or itself would be in the design most know, 12.2-inch cannons with a relatively good firing rate to fight heavy cruisers.

  6. I really, really wanted this ship, but now that they’ve made it so unremarkable, it doesn’t seem to be worth the 1mil free XP, even just to have as a port decoration. thoroughly disappointing ship.

    • In division today 2 Azuma burned down 2 Montana . One of them had 4 fires just went down so fast. It’s ok ship , fast 40 sec reload heal. I didn’t take big hits cause I use cover to lob the shells. It’s better than Alaska in fires and HE dmg. Can’t tank anything but over all its good , it sucks against Audacious HE bombs having poor AA. 8/10 from me

  7. No armor. Spend all your time running away and using islands. Not my kind of play style.

  8. Guns are nice. Armour is paper.

  9. Could be a good ship, but the armor is so weak against HE Shells over 152mm. So you eat pens from everthing.

  10. Игорь Голубицкий

    Looks like he is playing with one hand.

  11. That scrolling is horrible.
    Wouldn’t want to see him playing the Mino or Wuhsta…..

  12. Boooah I am so motivated to play wows but with a defect pc I can’t 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  13. 16 seconds? hmm. A little too much for a very expensive ship in my opinion

  14. Enlarged Ibuki. Without torps.

  15. little money prompted me to buy the -slow but accurate -Texas/Newyork-with upgrades…lol

  16. The Azuma in the hands of a very skilled player, is very capable. Clearly the key to playing this ship is 100% situational awareness and staying out of harms way. I don’t fair so well (or last that long) when I play it. Although, it is a fun ship to play, It takes damage from everything, and above 380mm from every angle too. One misstep, and you are toast. Probably just a little buff in armor would make it more balanced and playable.

  17. Looks like the alaska is a way better option to spend 1 million free exp…

  18. Zao is better … this going to be nerfed to…

  19. Most amazing detail of this ship…………. return value of this ship is 15000 gold according to WG!

  20. Got Mine with Free Xp and it’s great, really nice video, great to see a master at work :))))))))))))

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