AZUMA – NEW T10 IJN Cruiser || World of Warships

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  1. When it’s going to be live? In January?

  2. What a large citadel

  3. So.
    Cruisers on the still To Do list:
    Germany’s O
    Holland’s Project 1047
    Winston Churchill’s bizarre dream cruiser.

  4. No torpedo WTF

  5. Have to admit.
    A rather elegant looking ship.

  6. felipe antonio pino huerta

    2:17 ouch, easy citadel

  7. LoL! Die HE Mushmush war ja die Krönung xD

  8. I dono I think in the same situation a Zao would do a lot more dmg

  9. Very cheeky of you to try and get the kill-steal on the Shimikaze who the Haragumo hunted down, savagely raped along with Musashi and was finishing off at point blank range.

  10. 太緊張手發抖 最後一輪打水漂

  11. The love child of a Zao and Moskva, a mini Yamato in a sense

  12. I hope her armor gets buffed before release. She is very prone to high explosive damage.

    • Well, it is a cruiser, I think that it is normal. But as an heavy cruiser I would say that its turtleback seems way less sturdy than Stalingrad’s one for example. However just look at the first effective HE volley on the Musashi : 6 penetrations for more than 9K damage, that’s really powerful. The range is ok, stealth and maneuvrability are really good compared to Stalingrad. AA is Ok, dispersion is really good, citadel is awful (as any IJN ships). Seems to be a very powerful ship with lots of potential.

  13. dive bomber testing center

  14. a good – fun – solid ship for me if you ask =) lets see if there will be some changes …

  15. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Coal shop coal ship coal ship WG!!! I beg of you!! Also PK, can I send you the proposal for a full tree of German imperial BCs?

  16. this ship need more chance to start fires, is worst than zao at starting fires

  17. Not as good as I expected ;/

  18. Designed to counter the Alaska

  19. That horn though….almost as sexy as Molotov’s Whale mating call :3

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