Azur Lane Commander Overview | World of Warships Legends PS4 Xbox1

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Checking out the new Azur Lane commanders (Atago, Nelson, Hood, Belfast, Admiral and Dunkurque) in Legends (WoWs Legends) on PS4 and XBox 1.



  2. I want atago

  3. Yes one of my favorite Naval anime

  4. I feel like he Hipper Inspiration might be an actual counter to the Atago commanders. I could see a Bismarck player taking advantage of that inspiration a bit.

  5. “Azur re-rein”

  6. Reset points?

  7. Why did they think we wanted this? Wtf

  8. Does Hood and hipper’s skill stack with Nelson’s?

  9. Thanks for the overview. Some of these waifu commanders look interesting, but not gonna be in a rush to aquire or rank them up. Just bought the Emerald. Hope she’s more resilient than Danae?

  10. I got the atago captain off the 1st single chest that I open. Ready having sneaky games with my new reload boost for my tears 7 Japanese destroyer With this new captain Inspiration. Ha ha ha Good luck swimming with all the torpedoes. Great review thank you.

  11. Sad dd sounds

  12. I would say the answer to your statement of not knowing why they went so heavy on the U.K. on this patch is because up until now the RN has been wholly neglected. Lack of premiums mainly, and the lack of cruisers up until now. They needed something like this….though I do wish that the new commanders were non fictional.

  13. some guy in a tshirt

    Atago commander sounds real sneaky with a stealth build, but I already get hammered pretty hard in my atago and this might make her a one shot magnet.

  14. I bought the on sale Azur lane container and got atago commander I going to level her up see how she does all the others I’m not to excited about

  15. I had Willis Lee with 5 heals until I got William Sims. I could repair a lot of health over the course of a battle

  16. Im glad I found you on YouTube, bro! Good advices, great gameplays! Greetings from Hungary!

  17. You’re talking a lot, buddy.

  18. Ahh nothing but men of culture in the comment section

  19. So how do you get the hood battleship to play with?

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