Azur Lane Rossiya is Incredible….in World of Warships Legends

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Ahoy, Captains! Join us as we dive into the world of Azur Lane commanders in World of Warships, bringing a whole new level of strategy to the high seas! 🌊⚓

🔥 Commanders with a Twist:
Discover the unique skills and abilities that Azur Lane commanders bring to your fleet. From enhanced firepower to ingenious tactical maneuvers, these commanders add a dynamic element to your naval strategy.

🚀 Power-Ups and Bonuses:
Explore how Azur Lane commanders can turn the tide of battle with their special power-ups and bonuses. Unleash devastating salvos or navigate through the chaos with increased agility – the choice is yours!

👩‍✈️ Iconic Characters:
Meet iconic Azur Lane characters personified as commanders in World of Warships. Learn about their backgrounds, skills inspired by their naval prowess, and the impact they can have on your overall gameplay.

⚙️ Fine-Tune Your Fleet:
Gain insights into the best combinations of Azur Lane commanders for different ship classes. Whether you’re commanding battleships, cruisers, or destroyers, we’ve got the strategies to maximize your fleet’s potential.

🌐 Global Collaboration:
Explore the synergy between the worlds of Azur Lane and World of Warships. Witness the seamless integration of anime-inspired commanders into the realistic naval warfare environment.

📈 Tactical Advantage:
Unlock the tactical advantages that Azur Lane commanders bring to your arsenal. From increased critical hit chances to rapid cooldowns, these commanders can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

🎮 Ready to Set Sail?
Don’t miss out on the excitement! Equip your fleet with Azur Lane commanders and experience a whole new dimension of naval warfare in World of Warships. Hit the high seas, outmaneuver your opponents, and claim victory with the power of Azur Lane!

Fair winds and following seas, Captains! 🌬️🌊⚔️ #WorldofWarships #AzurLane #NavalWarfare #Gaming

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  1. @christofferahnstedt3847

    Got Rossiya and Zara from crates. Definitely happy with that and they are probably the ones I wanted the most.

    Colorado definitely looks interesting, but it’s tough competition with all the American BB commanders already available. Same goes for Bismarck.

    I’m a bit interested in Cheshire as well though. Her unique perk enhancing the incoming ricochet angles could definitely come in handy.

    • I wanna test Cheshire to see if it’s really worth it =/

    • I love the concept of Colorado I just feel like the game needed her on a different line. Having those skills on a Japanese BB would really add a lot of much needed life to them. I mean I get it, you’ll get those guys who only ever play Yamato, Musashi and the occasional Hyuga who swear the line is fantastic as-is but the rest of the line has fallen behind and could use something to bring interest back to it. Arpeggio Yamato was alright but she’s a bit too same-same with Takagi. I would’ve really loved to see those reload speed skills on something like Kii. Or especially any of the forgotten Tier 8s that aren’t Musashi lol (does Izumo even exist? 😅)

  2. Nice vid Derka. Appreciate the breakdowns. Now for some crate luck lol.🍻

  3. I thought I was the only one who sees Rossiya potential and its ships capabilities.

  4. I like SR, I consider her an updated/reworked Kedrov which is great for tanky/survivability. but I prefer Colorado because im more a backline or angled sniper and I feel if you combine Colorado with Cunningham and Iachino you could make meme grouping builds on Massa provided you have the Epic APR.

  5. Nice review. I’ve been using AL Colorado with great results. Thanks for sharing…!

  6. Hey Derka, what about this commander on Borodino? The light battleship with radar that was just rented out recently. Accuracy is already there and you don’t need the extra damage cons. Thoughts?

    • She seems almost custom built for a Borodino or Lenin-type playstyle where you’ve got those front turrets and want to play bow-in. Kedrov becomes pretty pointless because you rarely have to flip turrets too much and Galler, as mentioned, is pretty garb. If you plan on picking up Borodino, she certainly seems like a solid upgrade to those two.

    • Never tested it tbh, but yeah I imagine this commander would be good on it

  7. nice video. waiting for AL Colorado too. Thanks for putting your builds to give us some idea of what are the pros and cons of the new commanders. I won Rossiya from a crate (and Zara) but haven’t played a lot with Soviet BBs. Maybe now is the time to finish this line.

    • Could be! Nice pull btw

    • @moonytheloony6516

      That’s an interesting commander and I agree, it’s overdue regarding the Soviet battleships.

      I just finished watching The Godfather Part II which gave me a fantastic idea…more on that later.

      The thing is this, and it was pointed out slightly in this video…none of what that commandeer offers will mitigate the quality of the gameplay out there.

      In the capable hands of Derka, Metajerk, & Xarkun for example this particular commander leveled up can be a difference maker, much like Henry J. Hyde helps the German battleships.

      But in the hands the vast majority of the players out there in WarshipsLand…they’re going to sail right on by like it’s Venetian Night in Chicago on Lake Michigan…which means that particular AL commander will find herself commanding a lifeboat because her ship blew up like the Death Star.

      There is no substitute for general awareness.

      So here is my pitch for the battleship commander that is TRULY needed in this game inspired by any and all films and series inspired by Organized Crime….

      We need an Italian Battleship commander voiced by Robert DeNiro or a voice actor who can near- perfectly duplicate the voice of Tony Soprano, or The Fonz, or Al Pacino himself. One of those 4 will do nicely.

      His skill set is to point in the direction of the nearest enemy ship that’s aiming at you. But in addition to pointing that out, a voice begins to talk to the player providing some very sound counsel…

      “Hey genius, you’re being targeted because you’re sailing broadside in a Soviet battleship…how bout NOT doing that right now so ya don’t blow up like a mook?”

      The next sentence is when ya don’t angle your ship…

      “Hey! What did I just say? Are ya working for the bad guys? Move your $&@?! ship!”

      and this is said when you’re sunk

      “Nice goin’….ya moron! What did I say? Did I not tell you to angle your $&?&! ship!?….Ya didn’t listen, did ya? you’re gettin’ timed out for 30 minutes to think about your choices, now getouttahere!!!”

      and yeah…quite literally no gameplay for thirty minutes. If ya do it again it becomes an hour-long time out with a literal grave warning. If ya do it a third time, that ship commander orders an actual mob hit that’s carried out with 24 hours.

      Ya just may see that quality of gameplay increase with a renewed sense of motivation…😜

      I told ya it was a fantastic idea.

  8. @Unsinkable-sam451

    Colorado is better than Sims in my opinion a base trait actually fucking worth it(probably should’ve been a hybrid)

    Ross is a good pick for any Russian BB(wish she was a hybrid)

    Bismarck as I’ve said was the only one I was excited for but it’s well sort of disappointing bass trait is worth it but not a hybrid and she has a skill thats useful but something that buffed her sonar or buffing secondary battery damage and range in one

    What AL commander would you want next Wave and how would you make them

    (GK or Eugen or Tirpitz would be nice but I’m a german main so I’d perfer those commanders and hopefully GK gets a rework soon!)

    • I don’t follow Azur Lane so unsure what I would want out of the next one. Guess tho if I were picking, I’d like to see a nation that doesn’t have many, get one. What’s a Pan Euro AL Commander look like 😀

  9. @aproudbaguette3605

    Not gonna lie i didn’t want to whale but Rossiya is winking at me since the beginning of the update, great commander for an unused and underated line, great voiceover and design. Count me in, too bad the battleship with the same name is so expensive too, am i the only one who want a meme turret traverse build ?

    • The turrets look so silly on her…they traverse so fast it defies physics lol. It looks like Atlanta turrets 😆 silliness

  10. Too bad you feel a certain way about Lev Galler. I used to use him on all my Russian BBs, until I moved to Kedrov.

    But my main point to Galler is using them as an inspiration. Something about UK BB’s HE and Galler do things for me.

  11. I find Zara is incredible specifically for brindisi and Amalfi, which allows for me to use the other two commanders on Napoli. Also, if they ever freaking bring Venezia to legendary tier then she’ll be a great fit for her SAP shells too.

  12. I couldn’t test it yet(I am a poor f2p)
    but Hipper gave the advice, that once you have a commander on 16/4, if you buy him again, you get universal commendations.
    as a result, even for f2p, its not that impossible to achieve.

    interesting approach. and its true. for russian BB captains its really a good new captain.

  13. Just a note, it’s Flammable Cannonier and Marksmanship that are the sniper perks, Gyrating Drillbits is damage and traverse speed

    Still a good video regardless. One of the most interesting things for me was seeing her skill arrangement. On Second Thought is at Tier 2 rather than it’s typical Tier 3 and Master Mechanic is at Tier 3 rather than it’s typical Tier 4. So getting those spicy 5 heals should be a lot quicker and cheaper than with other commanders. I was never a follower of the ways of Kedrov and had written off this commander but I may have to give her a second look

  14. @danielvan-trier5900

    Hey Derka, I’m relatively new to the game and have sunk enough time and money into it. I don’t have any of the other commander options like Scharnhorst, Megatron and New Jersey etc. Wouldn’t you say the new wave of AL commanders are great option to buy for those lacking options? Just curious

  15. Hey derka, do you know if there wil be anything like a rerun for Azur Lane commanders from previous waves? Like sharnhorst or New jersey. I joined the game near the end of the z44 campaign I think (the one before anchorage, I am not sure about the name) so this is my first time seeing what the game has to offer during this collab

    • They will definitely return at some point (minus atago) just don’t know when

    • @@DerkaGames as much as I would love to get them, I’m no financial state to get them. Was trying to get them by saving up on the free doubloons you get from in-game activities (activity calendar/assignment) but I think wargaming just removed all possible free doubloon earnings and I’m just left with few 1000 more to go, so forget that. Thanks for the reply 🙂, I find your videos very helpful and informative 👍


  17. @madhatterstudios966

    another great video from you Derka. I agree wit you, this was the only commander I actually paid for this update. I have a sneaky suspicion that we’ll be seeing a new L Tier Russian BB soon. Or at least the Borodino will be here next update (I hope)

  18. Don’t underestimate Colorado though that Courageous Shelling can slice off 7.5 seconds of reload times after the first shot and every 3rd shot afterwards can surprise many enemies that were expecting an 30 second reload into an 22.5 second reload

  19. Great video as always looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the other commanders. I dont play bb’s too often but this would be great with my lennin.

  20. @primalchaotix3715

    I built mine with Colorado and Yamato for accuracy and reload so I get dispersion, traverse speed, reload, and grouping

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