Azur Lane x World of Warships: Legends Trailer

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Azur Lane joins World of Warships: Legends for a new collaboration!
Check out the trailer to find out about the new commanders and camouflages coming to World of Warships: Legends!

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  1. Will there be more ships that get these commanders and skins or just these mentioned in the video

  2. Ah I see, the wifu update

  3. Welp I miss the atago ship at least we get Belfast

  4. Belfast and Hood???

  5. Very nice but where is my Bismarck or Tirpitz!
    A Question I can’t find the Atago in the shop. Come she with the update in the Game? Same for Hood

    • Yea in this upcoming update on Feb 3rd, I think Hood will be released on the Feb 10th and some Russian destroyer on the 24th if I remember correctly.


  7. Well imma get the Belfast rip my wallet

  8. when? WHEN? I’m gunna be broke but I’ll be happy

  9. Hoo boy this is lookin’ to be an expensive update.

  10. No Eagle Union ships? No clevelad? No Nimi either. Kinda dissatisfied but still happy that we get azur lane since I missed the original collab on PC.

    • The Eagle Union exist to be ignored and butchered, didn’t you hear? Fans of the US ships have been saying for a while now that the US faction is being shoved to the side in everything. This includes in the dlc for the PS4/PC game Azur Lane Crosswave, where the US faction were the only ones to not receive a dlc ship out of the main 4 factions. Not only do the devs ignore them by not giving them events but they keep getting shit artists and artists that give them boring ass designs that no one gives a shit about, to do them. The only American ship that people have cared about recently has been Baltimore and that’s it. No US ship in Azur Lane holds a candle to Sirius, Belfast, Illustrious, Dido ect ect. The few good looking US ships go unrecognized/unused due to having zero fleet synergy with each other and the rest either have shit art, non-American feeling designs, or just bad designs/boring designs in general. The sooner more people realize that the American ships in Azur Lane are being fucked over harder than in Kancolle, the better. I’ve only seen a handful of other people bring up this issue since most people(especially the japanese) have already gotten to that “who gives a shit about the US ships?” phase, due to all this BS.

    • Maybe no one is bringing up the “issue” because it doesn’t exist, I for one have no idea what you’re talking about

    • The al collab most likely will make rerun on pc
      (Arp had made a rerun today too)

    • Outbound Flight Gaming

      It’s actually kinda strange we didn’t get z23 since she’s in game already

    • I hope they’ll do the rerun for azur lane on PC. Nimi would of been nice, although I really don’t see much Z23 captains on Legends so I guess they did think it was worth it. I myself own Z-23 and play it here and there, it is a really good ship on the right hands. Them torps are fast with Maximilian von Spee , 70 kt.

  11. HMS HOOD at long last. YAY!

  12. That Dunkerque looking nice. Getting her and Belfast Since I don’t have them in WOWS PC.

  13. Illyasviel von Einzbern

    We gathered here today to mourn the death of my wallet

  14. Long live iron blood, sakura empire

  15. Nelson appears in the PV… they never mention her…
    *sad reacts only*

  16. I think im gonna save my money for the polaris event

  17. Im About To Give Up On This Game But When I Knew There Will An Update Especially Relating To My Waifu “Belfast”

    Fuck It Im Playing This Game Forever

  18. My wallet is broken so

  19. They mistaken hood for a battleship even though she’s a Battlecrusier

  20. O wow I played both games XDD. Azur lane and Wows legends, nice collab. Can’t wait

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