BACK IN THE HELM! (World Of Warships Battleship Gameplay)

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BACK IN THE HELM! (World Of Warships Gameplay)


  1. So it’s happening. IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!

  2. i just got ao fucking excited!! i thought war thunder was announcing
    battleships :(

  3. At 0.5.11 developers said they will bring in armour screen in port so you
    can see where has what armour etc.

  4. When you thought Phly was never gonna play WoWS again….and this vid shows

  5. 18.30 not gonna repair yet pressed R …

  6. They pen from the top, deck armor is a thing in the game, and its horrible
    in lowtier (wood deck) so, yeah, they will always pen up for 4k dmg if they
    fall from the top. Later on the angling begings to get real, and to get 5k
    dmg is what you hope to get in a bb per salvo to another if they dont give
    you a good angle. Yet again, im not pro level but what I see

  7. For all of those surprised by this WoWS footage, y’all should check his
    twitter more. I was expecting this when I saw Phly’s tweet.

  8. Glad to see you back on WOWS, you were missed

  9. Anyway, the expression is ‘Back at the helm.’

  10. PhlyDaily should change the name to ShailDaily


  12. Hey phly you can change it so that the voices match the nation. Just like
    in wot but sounds cooler

  13. Do more world of warships vids plz you barely post WOWS vids now

  14. Mighty Jingles is probably laughing his ass off, sailing broadside on,
    that’s a paddling.

  15. Goddammit, he’s an HE BB. FML

  16. German BB have a spaced armored side protection system a so called
    ‘turtleback’ due to the way the armor deck slopes down like a turtle shell
    behind the main belt. This makes their citadel extremely hard to pen as you
    have to penetrate two layers of spaced armor, but the outer belt is thinner
    due to the comparatively thick secondary belt behind it. Shells that go
    through the weaker outer belt and explode against the second belt aren’t
    citadels, but do count as penetrations (33% damage).

    If you actually look at the details Kaiser main outer belt is weak,

    This is a trade off, you’ll eat more penetrations then a single monolithic
    belt of maximum thickness, but fewer citadels even if the outer-belt is
    penetrated. That said 3-4k damage while angled could just be straight
    overpens, an over-penetration of the superstructure or unarmored areas (bow
    and stern mostly) does 10% of the shells max damage which for a BB is a
    thousnad and change. So three or four hits that go high into the
    superstructure could easily do 4k damage regardless of angle.

    Also overmatch exists which negates angling quite a bit if a shell is big
    enough to ignore the bow.
    The rule of thumb for BBs:
    14 Inch and less guns will bounce on a 25mm bow
    15+ inch guns overmatch a 25mm bow meaning they completely ignore it and
    thus can do massive damage shooting directly though it. This is a major
    advantage of the T6 BB for UK and Germany, other T6 and even T7 BB cannot
    bow fight them, they’ll just shot through it.
    16 inch or less will bounce on a 32mm bow.
    18.1 Inch will outmatch a 32mm bow

  17. think you forgot to enable your damagecounter which was implemented with
    0.5.9? :)

  18. You were saying something about the guns of the ship but then you just
    didn’t mind it again.
    whats your problem?

  19. well the Kaiser doenst have a big kaliber, just as all of the other german
    battleships. so citadels are really hard to hit. against cruisers you can
    win easy but battleships..naaahh.

  20. Remember that German lower tier BBs are more cruiser killers although they
    can farm damage on enemy battleships gradually, just don’t expose yourself
    too much at the beginning. The armor is good, but deck armor not so much,
    so you want to clse the distance to avoid being damaged by the bow deck.
    Those battleships have the best secondaries so you can brawl providing you
    do it at the right moment.

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