Backstage – Wait For Me

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  1. Linkdeous - GamingLive

    The most beautyfull short movies i’ve ever saw. I hope the next short
    movieswill be as great at this one 🙂 The best team i’ve never saw, keep ut
    the good work :)

  2. You all did a great job.

  3. I wonder how it would be different if you filmed it on a ship like the USS
    Kidd, one of the few World War II DD’s we have left.

  4. Alex “Hurly” Hurlbut

    ….Whos’ the bugger that downvoted this nice behind the scenes clip?

  5. Persistance Lydeccer

    Epic CGI for a game company and that short movie contain enormous feels

  6. its amazing, for a second u make me cry, keep going WG with Wows and more
    videos like this! :D

  7. Looking forward to their future projects being released.

  8. what are you russian or sweden i’m comfuse

  9. Keep it up WG, and you beat every war movie throw by Hollywood

  10. Anastasiya is waifu

  11. after watching this…
    i wanna work at wargaming
    and go play some world of warships

  12. is the pilot wife real Japanese actor ? + why no interview of her she one
    of the main cast like the other 3 ( American sailor/wife + Japanese pilot )

  13. 2050 will be the year when graphics will look real for all games

  14. IF you make one of those movies(as good as Wait for Me) each 4 or 5
    months(like Easter, VDay, Christmas) then I will definetly buy premium.
    Good Job Wargaming, I would have never thought that so much work was put in
    for the video. Congratulations on all your teams, to the actors, the
    director,the narator, and man, Anastasiya looked great. Again and forever

  15. Was that the voice from dasha?

  16. The original video made me cry a bit, it was fucking sad

  17. Really well made.

  18. Amazing, great job. The short film contained lots of emotion and looks very
    nice, but built in only 12 days, filmed in 5, and a couple more days of CG?
    That is some amazing work. being just a gaming company at that? You guys
    are doing great!

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