Bad Advice: Cologne || World of Warships

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After Horns party, Cap decided to go on vacation! What awaits our heroes in Germany?

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  1. Hello captain

  2. Seriously? Traditional Bavarian outfit? And music? In Cologne? That’s as if you’d dress him up as a Mongol for going to St. Petersburg. And that darned outfit is basically not worn by anyone not a Bavarian or in Munich for the Oktoberfest… argh.

    Other than that, I wish you lots of fun and a good time at GamesCom. All the best and take care.

  3. God croatia 2nd happy
    World of WarShips ?? new 2018
    Germany ships Croatia

  4. I'm Just A Innocent Guy

    What’s the point of this?

  5. since when is cologne in bavaria ?

  6. Bavarian food and attire in Cologne, I think NOT!

  7. Francisco DeTonne

    Oktoberfest is at least a month away, Captain Bad Advice…

  8. Cologne is the gay capitall of Germany. Going out there dressed in skintight Lederhosen might yield unexpected results.

  9. We need more bad advice!

  10. love it

  11. Lederhosen and Schweinshaxe in Cologne… truly bad advice, very questionable

  12. I big like Bad ADVICE

  13. Bavarian clothes in Cologne. Ohhh that is completly wrong!
    I can not understand why Bavaria is the example for german culture. Big Fail Wargaming!

  14. Great episode of Bad Advice. Even worse advice would be to dress like that on the German Baltic shore, we hate Bavarians even more than they do in Kolle.

  15. A battleship is driving on the most trafficable inland waterways of Europe ? Sea and inland is a big difference Wargaming, but yes it’s just a dream.

  16. grounded damage confirmed

  17. I guess the only way they could have pissed off even more germans would have been to make them dress like nazis

  18. アレキサンダー 佐藤

    Bridge > Cap by RAMMING

  19. where was the bad advice tho

  20. It’s a humorous cartoon, not a National Geographic documentary about Cologne.

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