Bad Advice: Horns | World of Warships

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Beeeeep! Bluuurp! Hooooonk! Tooot! Ah-ooh-ga!!!

Illustrious Captain and his faithful Fishy are famous cartoon stars in World of Warships! They run two popular shows — “Bad Advice” and “Naval Traditions”. “Bad Advice” is series featuring great tips on to how NOT to play the game! “Naval Traditions” tells naval legends, hint and rumors from real navy history.

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  1. FatCat!!!

  2. World of Warships Official Channel


  3. Am i the only one who horn at enemy ships during close-range combat?

  4. World of Shiphorn: Hardbass Edition. 😀

  5. That’s sadly impossible. The horns can’t be used so often. But…. WG could change that, for more extensive use.


  6. SEANLHIL xboxone

    Oh dayum that’s dope!!! :-DD

  7. I blow the horn to show dominance when playing battleships.

  8. Dafuct I just watch?! LoL someones on some good fungi!!!!

  9. Stathis Oikonomou

    haha was expecting a tip of advice but nothing like this! ;D

  10. Looks like this song will play in Ultra Miami 2019 😀

  11. Please make the cat’s CV a camouflage.

  12. Lol! Made my day! So damn funny! Well done WG! 😂😂😂👍🏼

  13. Are you implying that Notser starts parties?

  14. I wonder if that CV skin will be available in the future?

  15. Now you HAVE to make this dj skin

  16. Thats KittyPurrfurst

  17. That bling skin should increase detectability by 3%…but give infinite air for the horn and increase XP and credit outcome.

    • Scaitan EPIC idead ! 😀 they should definitely introduce ‘fun-camouflages’ to the game

    • Increase detectability by 25%
      Increase XP income by 200%
      Increase credits income by 150%
      Increase evasion by 20% (because neon colours dazzle the gunners even more than shimapan camo will)

  18. Wow, my clothing changed to an Adidas track suit and now I am squatting

  19. Michael/Tony144562

    They should be a full track of this! It’s so catchy!?

  20. Awesome job on this one 😉

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