Balti-More Aggression! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. The trick to the Baltimore (when going up against BBs) is to HE spam while sitting behind an island. Other than that, start blasting Kickstart My Heart By Motley Crue, and rush everyone

  2. Mitchell Erickson

    Great game Spartan. Gotta love strong cruiser gameplay. They can definitely be cancer, but they’re so fun when you play them right

  3. American Ap is superior!

    • When it comes to Penetration Angles yes but Raw Penetration goes to Russia.
      HE fire chance goes to British I believe, and HE Penetration goes to Japan.

  4. Gotta love the Tbull Shuffle

  5. magnificum dominum

    Anyone else notice how Baltimore is just the Iowa as a cruiser they look ridiculously similar

    • LoL it s a great design to have 2 3 gun turrets in the front allowing for maintaining most of your firepower while staying as safe as possible

  6. Really looking forward to grinding to the Baltimore and the Hipper.

  7. I hear “Hello everybody”, and I know it’s the real Spartan.😁 Baltimore is still the king. GG

  8. lolololol lolololol

    Hmm interesting. I might wanna add Nikolai Von Essen if I were to compete with or against Baltimore’s AP in a same tier cruiser.

  9. I’m with you Spartan, l think the Baltimore is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Aussie Scott.

    • I love it and I not ashamed to tell everyone! They can keep their firestarters I will citadel them to Davey Jones Locker

  10. Love this. I citadelled a Fiji and a Leader with the Belfast yesterday.

  11. Findlay Robertson

    Advice please I have a number of Tier VI ships waiting to be purchased, credits building up again after getting the KGV, and want to know which would you get?

    New Orleans

    • What are you best at? That should narrow the list down a bit

    • Findlay Robertson

      @Spartan Elite43 : That’s the problem it varies with the ship. Some ships suit my mind set.

      Killing it in the Queen Elizabeth, Fuso and New Mexico, average in Bayern and hate the Normandie.

      Loved the Furrytaco😁👍, cheers for that, and adored the Gaede, shit in the rest.

      Have real problems with the Fiji and her magnetic armour, average in Myoko and just can’t the Shchors at all.

      If New Orleans had torps then probably her, why the USN changed their cruiser policy I don’t know.
      The Yorck, well I do want the Hipper, but I want to have every standard tech tree ship in the game.

    • Findlay Robertson Colorado is a tank. Akatsuki is an Assassin. Baltimore was my first tier 7 and I love her. Like he said whatever suits your preferred gameplay

  12. Had a 128k 3 kill loss in my Hipper on two brothers last night. Almost all of it ap damage (including full health gneisenau, who underestimated me). Didn’t use torps once. But torps do feel like a security option we like to have. But rushing in for torp strikes WILL get you killed 😆.
    I’m learning, honestly, I am. 😁

    • Yeah having torps on a heavy cruiser is great because it is a great way to keep people from rushing you.

      The Balti if in a fight 1 v 1 with a BB wants to keep distance usually and farm the damage with either the AP or HE depending on what the BB is doing and avoiding being hit back but when you get super close you have no option but to try and citadel the BB which doesn’t always work out and they can 100% citadel you through the bow

  13. Deontae Pritchard 97

    I noticed that most time when a cruiser is broadsided its launching torpedoes, that Baltimore is awesome still

  14. Hey Spartan great video, but when are you you going to make the review of the Nelson commander w the Nelson ship? I think it pairs really well with the Nelson and I really want to see your review about it

  15. I really want the Iowa, but I love the BaltiMORE aggression because it’s my stile of play.

  16. I think wargaming should release every tier ship when there in early access

  17. I really hate when players turn off crossplay and drag me into small matches like this. Seems like PlayStation doesn’t get it nearly as bad

  18. DecarabiaSatanachia

    What commander do you use for the Baltimore?

  19. Congrats on 17k I’ve been around since 3k also I love your vids you make me laugh all the time and your helpful with ships thank you for all your hard work and stay safe during this terrible time 🙏

  20. GG. Cruisin’ for the bruising. Peas love and knuckles, Johnno Bloke.

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