Baltimore shoot full Ap shell without any HE || World of Warships

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Akitsuki_Kouzou IX Baltimore
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  1. Natthaphong Wongwai

    so clean

  2. Were i played the Baltimore, this Ship were so bad.. This Reload Time and.. it was terrible.

  3. herrassing tier 7 in a tier 9 is like I go pick a fight with some child in a playground. feels bad man.

  4. HE spam is cancer these days. US cruiser superheavy AP is under-used almost criminally where they can do massive damage instead of HE spam, 100% of which can be healed back by Battleship repair consumable.

  5. Poor Shiratsuyu

  6. 2 nukes wasn't enough

    Shirautz play well for him

  7. Range upgrade on a baltimore lululul

  8. I was wondering…where did u get Radar with duration 48 sec on baltimore ?? Baltimore have 35 sec duration normally.

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