Baltimore – T9 Radar Terror

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The US is not a ship to be taken lightly. With it’s 9.7km concealment and 9.45km radar it’s a terrifying threat for any ship hoping to capture the objective. You can find my at the end as usual.


  1. 8:38 … I was wondering where their second BB has gone all the time, cause it was never spotted …. looks like your typical Tirpitz player

  2. What’s interesting here is that Flamu’s teamates start heaping praise on him towards the end of the match, saying how great he was etc etc…… but look at where they were. Being cautious, conservative, near full hp. They don’t seem to make the connection that it was only possible for Flamu to do all of that because they played passive.

    I’m not knocking Flamu’s abilities, but if people played more aggressively instead of sitting back, they could have better performances. Which is a huge part of Flamu’s efforts: helping the community play better & thus get more enjoyment out of the game.

    • the point wiht playing aggressive is that it is a very fine line. If you are unable to judge how aggressive you can go you either die like a retard or you sit back and doing nothing. So you should try to find a balance while figuring out how aggressive you can actually be.

    • Lol they don’t know it’s flamu even tho after he said, “hello hello”

    • Angel Martinez. Not everyone watches flamu and I certainly would not have known that it is him. the “real” flamu would have written LO LO

    • Usually though…you don’t have Flamu on your team and the passive Taters just cost you the game. They knew they hadn’t done shit or given any support and they were rightfully grateful to be carried. Passive play is shit play.

  3. I run Expert Loader on all my English Light Cruisers.

  4. 80% of the Tirpitz player population are complete idiots, when I see one on the scoreboard I don’t even count him as a participant in the battle …

    • Nasty Cupid

      Yeah that is sad because it’s the best ship for an agressive playstyle thx to great Armor, Secondarys and Torps. …I love her But it hurts seeing it’s being missused buy Idiots hurt my hearth 😣

    • True! But why allso 80% Bismarck player are allso total retard mode on when you see them? And these days i feal all BBs are somekind retard magnets…. And everyone have somekind UK-BB-HE canser… 😀 It is so nice to play cruiser at these days and burn those BB retards… LOL

    • Vette350

      Better play dd or cv then. …
      A cruiser can be deleted by a lucky hit. ….even from full retards. …

      Btw I hate thes HE Spaming britsh bbs and everyone who play them i even Report them Straith or when see they are performed worse then me

      Even worse are the retards who just Spam HE even in not britsh bbs. …A while ago a saw a Tirpitz player im my team who just spamed HE so I droved infront of him and waited till he shoot again and set me on fire. ….He caused 2 Fires i waited till he was Pink so rammed him and torped him But I did this so that he didnt died from it But instead he died from the enemy Team

      It was a hell a lot of fun 😄

  5. kein ding yo

    >doesnt want to feature a game with CVs cause its unrealistic
    >features a uptier t9 game


  6. @Flamu

    In your opinion, should Des Moines have that higher citadel as the trade off for its straight up increased firepower? In most T9 –> T10 cases, it seems to be a flat upgrade with little drawbacks.

    I can understand why they would want to make the Des Moines squishier for that reason but, the Des Moines also has to face the Tier 10 matchmaking more often (every game) than the Baltimore does, and thus will be facing more of those fancy T10 Battleships and T10 Cruisers, which all have super high damage potentials. Whenever I play Des Moines I find myself playing awfully passive because of this, hiding behind more islands than I did in the Baltimore.

    • Garrett Montgomery

      It was actually a real problem for the Des Moines. That higher rate of fire required a larger magazine as the ship would burn through ammo much faster than earlier heavy cruisers.

    • Ah I understand… I didn’t think about that. Though should that flaw be included in game for balance purposes or no, in your opinion?

    • Garrett Montgomery

      Elgar7022 sure. Des Moines is in a good place right now and it has 152 mm of citadel armor to make up.

    • You’re right, my only thing is that if they lowered the citadel, you’d get a little more ballsy Des Moines players if its a little tougher, but I know that might make the ship a little over powered (since it’s already a magnificent ship).

      Thanks for your thoughts!

    • Garrett Montgomery

      Of course. Happy gaming my friend.

  7. There are carriers in this game?

  8. I find myself wishing for your server. The azn server has like 8/10 games with carriers during the bonus exp weekend fucking sky cancer AP bombs from GZ Test 1 and Enterprise doing 40k damage per strike to my Gneisenau without any chance of dodging or repairing with the dumbass circle drop pattern and direct citadel damage. At least against 2/2/2 Shoukaku it took some skill to drop and you could heal the damage from the follow up HE bomb fires and stay relevant. Now all you get are either autodrop premium CVs for to left click on you and have no chance of missing your midships deck… or worse, sealclubbing saipan division. Fuck this toxic MM. You either play like a complete pussy(zero secondary hits at the end of the game) at the back of the map or your feed the cancer. FeelsBadMan

  9. Steven Seagal also gives a slight boost to Expert Marksman that imho makes it significant when choosing it along with Main Battery Mod 3.
    Because of that I opted to use him on my North Carolina but he can be as much useful in a Baltimore too (pretty much hated the prebuffed Baltimore).
    Now that I have better understanding playing Cruisers (by far the hardest class ingame), I’ll start playing it again.
    Savage game Flamu.
    It might be a stretch but you could have gone for a Double Strike too against those 2 DD’s you Radared.
    Holy Crap 49sec Radar. I wish I was that lucky with Super Containers…!

  10. Looking at that vid… , Flamus decision making is out of the my personal range. It is not about strategy or knowledge. It is about small things, like avoiding torps or state estimation. U are disgustingly good…

  11. How did he have that strange camo?

  12. Another nice thing about the Balti’s AA is that it is the same range as its concealment by air – 7.2 km (with AA captain and upgrades). This means any plane which spots you is in range of your guns and will not be spotting you much longer once it goes down in flames.

  13. I have a really good WR on Balti, but utter crap on Des Moines. I did not realise that DM is actually squishier than Balti.

  14. The only other scenario I can think of where a BB should use DC on a single fire is when it is so low on health that it won’t survive the single fire until it’s repair comes off cooldown.

  15. Could you please post replay commentary where you face mostly tier 10 and more than 3 bbs that are preferably t10 ?

  16. regarding this is a high tier cruiser…i have to say the dispersion looks pretty ass

  17. Hey Flamu, do you know how the fuck are we supposed to get the radar module? Could you maybe hint it to WG? I mean, I’ve been unlucky and I never got one from anywhere, and when I had the chance of buying it, it was crap (before they moved it to the slot it is in now), so I did not buy it… On the other hand the supercontainers I got have already spat at my face at least two or three hydro modules and one or two engine boost modules (having I already bought one or two) so… How the fuck do I get the radar one!?

    BTW, that Tirpitz…….. full noob. I always try to avoid sequential fire for several reasons: On battleships you do not get good feedback regarding whether your aim is on point or not as the impact point gets randomized each time you fire. In other words, if you fire the whole broadside the dispersion ellipse is calculated for all the turrets, and according to the sigma (spread tightness) each shell gets its trajectory. When you fire sequentially, each turret gets its own ellipse, hence it will be much harder to realize (off each shell impact point) where the center of the dispersion actually lays. The slower your reload, the more useful it is to use full broadsides, hence BBs firing sequentially => lazy noobs. Another class in which it is very useful NOT to sequentially fire is RN CLs in smoke. If you fire sequentially there is more time in which due to the tracers your position can be accurately assessed (from the first to the last turret). More over, if the turret placement is asymmetric (Minotaur) it is even easier to see where your bow (and hence scape route) is. And finally when you fire sequentially in smoke it is much much easier for the enemy to assess whether you are slowly maneuvering in the smoke (as you are “sampling” your position each time a turret fires), and hence they’ll know where to aim for your juicy big fat and soft citadel…

    TL DR: 1) how the hell do I get now a radar module (actually two). 2) Do not ever fire sequentially if you can avoid it.

  18. I hate the way Radar works. Its the All seeing Eye of Sauron…………..

  19. What was wrong with el gringo potato?

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