BAPTISM BY BATTLESHIP FIRE ft. Flamuu (World Of Warships Gameplay)

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Ship Mates


  1. Last time I was this early, the rudder was in operation

  2. Phly, you gotta bring-back Men of War Monday’s with Slickbee and Baron.

    • Jakov Nikolic and the Shermanator

    • nah…i think hes past that

    • @Maniacally Quiet what happened between phly and baron??

    • @Sawtoothchris24 i really dont remember everything about it was along time ago…but i can tell you it had something to do with phly wanting to move out from a house that slick and baron and phly were living in and he has a GF he wanted to open a new chapter and start his own career in YT and leave the little collation they had back then….i think slick and baron felt like it was a stab in the back for them i assume they argued and it probably escalated from there ..but i think they’re ok now between slick and phly and probably baron as well im pretty sure they worked things out a while ago…i wasn’t interested in the whole thing honestly and back then i wasnt a mega fan of phly i rarely watched his content…compared to his older videos hes matured in every aspect ( editing, gameplay, commentary, opinions on the game and the general warthunder community controversy ) which made me a fan of him and would instantly click on his new uploads and rewatch old ones.

  3. The intro brings back memories

  4. Nice to see some wow gameplay again phly always loved that intro

  5. Yes that intro its like seeing a hero back from the dead

  6. Damn the old intro is back so nostalgic

  7. *Thanks for support phellas!!* More WOWS to come! BTW in this video I’m getting schooled by Flamuu, trying to learn the game back as phast as possible. Enjoy o7

    • Great vid! Really cool seeing you playing with others, banter was hilarious!

    • ExpendableGuard Entertainment

      Ah… the great Russian Bias game itself, rivaled only by WT’s attempt to combat this with the ridiculous naval battles mode. Unfortunately, Gunfleet went under.

    • One of the more accurate WoWS sponsorship pitches

    • “Being schooled by Flamuu”
      *Oh no….. CR33D man is gonna teach a WT vet how to play….*

    • Hey phly, I am a long time fan. I have been watching your channel since the early days of War Thunder. I was wondering if you might ever check out World of Tanks Blitz. I understand a lot of War Thunder players are NOT fans of World of tanks, but Blitz is the simplified mobile version and honestly its a good game for what it is. It is flooded with premium tanks but what mobile game isnt flooded with premium unlockables? The battles are short and small. I got into it recently when my pc was down and I couldn’t play War Thunder. The touch controls on mobile are tricky to get used to but you can also play on PC. As long as you dont try to compare it to War Thunder its a fun game, its not meant to be realistic like WT.

  8. Rose: “You’re crazy!” Jack: “That’s what everybody says, but with all due respect Miss, I’m not the one hanging off the back of a ship here.”


  10. that old intro tho lmaooo

  11. Dont forget to look up the Puerto Rico event to see how good these devs actually are!

  12. Ricky Breckenridge

    I missed these videos. Miss Baron von gamez, wish to see him playing this game. Tell him there is Italian ships in the game.

  13. “one of the main things i love about world of warships is that its….” not made by gaijin

  14. Phly playing with the Bismarck

  15. I got a little wet seeing that intro back in action!
    Btw: World of Warships was a great game untill about two years ago…then it turned into a mess. Quite a shame.

  16. The Panzer Of the Lake

    0:19 War Thunder ships when you get upgraded pumps

  17. This gave me so many goosebumps, first watched him 3 years ago when he played Yamato and that was the first time I played wows, I watched his wows and thunder videos everyday and he is the reason I still play this game, ie I got 3 t 10s 3 years later.

  18. 15:35 “i got 4 citadels man, that’s almost 5” – that about sums this vid up… ?

  19. “Today’s video is sponsored by World of Warships”
    **Gaijin has left the chat**

  20. The intro ❤️

    I always imagine a narrator like: these warriors of steel lay dormant for decades. But now they return from the depths *ship breaks through surface shiny and new* to fight again

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