Basics of Defensive positioning. | World of warships

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  1. Brain…thinking man game….I know you played a lot of games lately so I am not even going to ask if you know who 90% of the players are lol

  2. If you have problems with talking CV positioning…feel free to reach out.

    It’s actually more than just ‘run to the back of the map’ or ‘hide behind an island’. Both are mistakes.

  3. Barley Sixseventwo

    If nothing else, I now know the WoWs equivalent to sidescraping

  4. It would be good if you can put up a video in how not to suck in a numberg . I played as good as I can but end up killed by battleships that too just 2 salvos. Just a suggestion

  5. IMO, there should be a video about how to get in position before losing half of your team and all of your DDs in the first two minutes.

  6. OH GOD, that mike echo is REAL! These are definately the most important episodes.

  7. More like this. Please. It’s good info, and even good players can sometimes need refreshers.

  8. Nooby….and vaig ,,,,,nice though…..very pretty :)(

  9. Most honest guide: you need some brain to play the game 🙂

  10. There is some ships that can’t use most of guns being bowl out (desmo Salem)

  11. This is quality. We need more.

  12. Easy way to not get dev stuck is place a detonation flag when playing in competitive game modes such h as ranked clan battle etc…

  13. Excellent tutorial Ragey, thank you!
    Problem remains with 90% of your team being too “lazy” to switch their brain on…

  14. Soooo, it requires brains?

    You know where i might find some?

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