Battle Pass in Update 12.2 / How to earn Ignacio Allende

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🎁 Play for free on PC! 👉
Earn BP Points, advance through the progress bar to new levels, and receive rewards!
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00:00 Battle Pass 12.2
00:19 Progress bar
00:40 Premium Pass and extra rewards
01:01 Premium Pass + season bonuses



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  1. But next video will be about removing subs and cvs, right? Unless you want to go on ruining the game and driving players away. In that case you are already on a perfect way

    • @Live Life Then I admire your luck. I got reduced from a 100 to 0 in ships like the Vladivostok by the hands of Kagas etc

    • @Tim Bizi I have a question for you. What do you think of AI DDs taking 20 30 hits from a player BB and yet a DD can set a BB on fire in less than 3 volleys? Talk about bad match making. You get the Demon CV AIs and I get the spawn of satan AI DDs running around chasing and sinking my slow ass BBs.

    • @Live Life First of all. There is not a single DD in the game that can sustain 30 he shells from a bb. Then there also is the question of why there would be a bot dd? If you play coop that is a 100% completely fine, however if we are talking about balance based on coop expirience we end the talking right there.
      The chance of any he shells causing fire on a hit is purely based on chance, as long as the dcp is not active. You can signifciantly reduce the chance of being set on fire as well as the total amount of possible fires on your bb by speccing the fire prevention expert skill, the damage control module and a certain flag.
      And on top of all that, fire damage to bb is absolutely not a big deal, since all of it can be healed using the repair party.
      I mean sure you got unlucky and that sucks. I personally am not a big fan of rng in most games personally anyway, because you might do really good, do all the learning and pull all the perfect moves to then be screwed over by bad luck. But your example still holds no ground at all in the general discussion when it comes to balance

    • @Tim Bizi as well as your super CV in my own experience. See, we will agree on one thing and that is our experience in the game is totally different. Have fun with your CV hunt and I will continue to blast away at impenetrable and over penned DDs.

    • @Live Life Are you serious? You are talking about balance here and don’t even understand to load he against dds???
      Your own expirience completely glosses over the fact that cvs are statistically overperforming any other class in the game in pretty much any metric, while also having the by far largest impact on the outcome of a match. And that is setting aside the fact that cvs have the lowest skill requirement.
      I am not saying that you are a bad person, nor am I trying to be hateful… If you don’t see the disproportionate impact of cvs on the outcome of a match, you are not really understanding the mechanics of the game and/or don’t have the awareness to notice. Therefore you probably would also have to struggle to achieve a 50% winrate.
      And if that’s the case, I still don’t want to say anything bad about you and I don’t want to shame you in any way. But in that case you should now better than to discuss game’s balance

  2. battle pass rewards are getting worse, you are giving away a ship thats going to be free, heloooo wake up

  3. Play your favorite game and earn BP tokens… Awesome, I can play Stellaris and earn Battle Pass tokens.

  4. Admiral Prince Eric

    As for my 25th Birthday ahead starting on this Update 12.2

    I will using a Premium Battle Pass ahead to get a Tier VIII Ignacio Allende but to also get some supplies throughout my Birthday Month until the next update.

    I’m readying ahead thus so far in the Battle Pass

  5. Battle pass became boring pass

  6. Got bored of ships and BP because of the mandatory win conditions the BP has in later levels. Why won’t you just change it like in tanks that whether you win or lose you always go forward in BP if you get the required amount of XP in your team? It’s not fun to get dragged down to losing streaks because of incompetent teammates and although you try to do everything to fight back you get nothing in return when it comes to BP. People don’t have time to grind all day to get BP forward (I’m one of those) and losing streaks without reward points will make you play other games (also me).

  7. every update free battle rewards getting worse…I know it is another business,pay to get or pay to win..Nice WG

  8. Not enough there to interest me but each to their own

  9. Battle pass is to grindy make progression easier with no win conditions. Maybe make clan battles count twords it also.

  10. 10% for the Big Guy!

  11. is there something new with the new updates?im a general player with 3 boats,1 the shimi and all i am now is cannon fodder.had 3 games and 0 hp..maybe just a bad day but something feels off lol..

    • Shima so hard to use these days, radar, gunboats with low detection, submarines perma spotting you, CV’s perma spotting you to ships 16km away.

  12. As a disabled veteran that has much time on my hands, the battle pass is way too difficult for average players. Who in the working class hell have hours on end to play everyday to finish the BP. It is ridiculous the hours and a daily grind you must put into it to finish before the expiration.

  13. Wargaming doesn’t respect my time nor my wallet

  14. Godzilla King_of_the_monsters

    I have a question. Are legendary ships and premium ships the same?

    • what you are likely calling legendary is more commonly called RARE ships. they are all just normal premiums, but the rare category means they are not currently for sale anywhere in the game at the current time. from time to time, they bring one back for XXX resource and they are also available in some of the loot boxes, but your odds of getting one are next to impossible. you almost need to have every other premium in the game before you get a rare ship to drop from a container.

  15. Muchas gracias como siempre!.

  16. so, the downward trend continues. another BP with less coal, steel, and RB points, and a TT ship as a reward for only an additional 2500 dubs. what a bargain. once again, I WILL NOT be paying for this BP with a free TT ship as a reward, plus the cut to the resources make it not worth it. the first BP had a premium ship as a reward and over 4k in steel if memory serves, that one was worth the dubs, this one is not.

  17. Another BP I’m skipping. Things I would change: 1) remove the win condition and slightly bump up the required base XP. 2) extend the available days to complete or lower the required stages. There are those who can’t grind hours of gameplay with limited time. 3) unify the final reward stage, would help the percentage of users completing it fully.

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