Battle Pass Is Coming To World of Warships – 11.10 Dev Blog

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  1. Me, a WoWS: Legends player, after seeing the title: wait, you guys didn’t have a battlepass?

    Also those hybrid BBs look interesting but dreadful. I’m glad the Legends team isn’t quite as deluded and out of touch as the PC team.

    Also, that comment on addiction and encouraging daily play: Legends absolutely has been keeping up with that. Daily bureau assignments, weekly missions, daily missions, and everything else. I’m very much addicted to the game, and I’ve dumped way too much money into it.

    • Wait till there is less and less players on PC and console gets some of them, hope i’m wrong though

    • Until they nerf a paid premium ships.

    • @Maas692 plymouth was a predictable one though

    • Buddy you can play wows legens wherever you are , in you are living in civilized world , and you use public transport for 30 min , you can play 1-2 battles on way to work , and then 1-2 way home , and then few home , wows player wont just take out laptop in bus and play game , you need to be home , playing only for 2 containers sometimes can be challange , if you have bad games ,it can take 2h , good time 20 min , but still game take too much time , and game pass is miss in my opinon because will alienate many players .

  2. maybe with a new form of monetization battlepass WG will decide they don’t need to destroy the actual gameplay elements of their game to make money
    lol now that I write that out? nah no chance in hell they’d pass up any opportunity for money

  3. I’m fine with a battle pass as long as they don’t start hiding pay-to-win ships or buffs behind the paywall.
    I think it’s one of the better ways to monetize a game without completely removing a realistic free-to-play avenue for players who prefer that.

  4. I mean battlepass can’t be worse than the model they are using today, that is if they also keep the current container model which they probably won’t.
    Ships cost more than full games and are susceptible to nerfs that make them absolutely useless at any given point or power crept to oblivion.

  5. As if 1 “Battle Pass” (the Dockyard) wasn’t enough. LOL. I think the reason for “actual” BP is because maybe they are running out of ideas for Dockyard ships, and they probably don’t like the idea of recycling them like they did Puerto Rico.

  6. The point about the reason for submarines to be fully added to the game (as opposed to rentals) being that they wanted to add Alliance as a premium sub is kinda moot. There were already 3 premium subs in testing before Alliance was announced: U-4501, I-56, and S-189.

  7. Yes, interesting few months, state of the game as it is, I might just leave it altogether, other companies keep their games up to date and bug free, I absolutely have how shells fall short when you have to quickly fire at a dd, and now they want to demand more time and money. Ask them to fix the game, then, and maybe then I’ll open my pockets again, only reason I am still playing is because CB’s are fun and I have a ton of dubs that I want to spend chriatmas, but the rest of the game, it kind of went to shit. And now we’re getting more planes, yea, wargaming is a waste of money for those who think it’s good, I still have hope and I love the old game, bit things are getting worse.

  8. change from time to time can be a nice thing, in WoWs however they just can’t stop the constant nonstop changes. they make things more complex every 2 minutes, and all i want is a game i can log into and play without thinking, to take my mind off the troubles of the day.

  9. Well if they take the legends route it might not be too bad, it’s incredible value for money and not much effort to do in most cases.
    Plus you get the required doubloons every update through in game events so it basically pays for itself

  10. I mean, they already do something similar as far as the ‘building addiction’ mechanics go, in the form of daily login rewards (don’t miss out on a super container!), daily containers and daily missions. And the dockyard, to a lesser extent. This is just taking it to the next level.

  11. Battlepass is wrong way to get people to play, adding fun mechanics to the game is a better way, adding ships that don’t ruin the fun is another. Making rewards actually feel rewarding. The games I’ve played with a battle pass have not held my interest because the rewards in them suck and so did the game play

  12. Yes, I need a third Mainz. Cross of Dorn may be the best version of it, but this ship is cracked.

  13. I wish they made hybrid ships only able to spot for themselves with their planes. It would still be crazy strong. I just hate games where I’m in something like a Schlieffen and just can’t go dark ever, and now its gonna happen even more often…

  14. It depends how expensive is it. Is the cost of the paid version above or below the usual cost for the reward premium ship per tier. If it’s the same or less – ok, but if they lock the ship behind higher price than usual with explanation that you get coal, steel and other rewards – then not so cool. As they said on the live stream, good to have extra rewards for free or paid.

  15. I think an American 16″ Richelieu with dive bombers is interesting. The t9 and t10 with the weird rear turrets is just wrong.

  16. Outofcontrolsjs Gaming

    I believe Strasbourg was the last campaign (but it was temporary). Would like a new one.

  17. ToughAncientSpark

    Good luck to collectors trying to get every ship on the tech tree! 😂

  18. ToughAncientSpark

    I was addicted to this game before they messed with match making, RNG and all the ‘special ships’.

  19. well im quite hyped for the battle pass, in wotb the battle pass is a great way to get free resourses, gold (basically doubloons) in the free pass and the premium pass which is at a cheap price of around $7 aud gives you more gold, xp and collector tanks (usually tier 6). If this is the same for wows battle passes should be great.

  20. Ashleigh Elizabeth

    It’s all going to come down to how much of a bonus the premium time people are given compared to the free to play accounts. If there is some huge advantage for premium players than the game becomes slanted towards pay to win and I’m against anything like that as it absolutely further destroys the already screwed up metrics in a game that is built around depending on RNG (LMAO yeah right) giving you a decent team. Because if premium players suddenly get stacked with advantage tilting the playing field towards them you just know that MM is going to pit teams of all free to play teams against all premium player teams.

    Hybrid ships are RARELY played by somebody that knows what they are doing so the threat from them doesn’t come from the hybrid player but from their spotting ability for their teams. Polluting the battlefield with even more flight decks is NOT a good thing for enjoyability of the game.

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