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🚢Start sailing today!🚢 Click this link R;
– 200
– 2 Ships | St. Louis &
– 20 Restless Fire Camos
– 2.5 Million Credit
– 7 Days of Premium
( ONLY OF NEW PLAYERS) Thanks for the support phellas o7


  1. Play the Challenger 2 2F with the new L27 round
    Day 8

  2. Greg Schoellhammer

    Day 3: Phly play the Panther II you haven’t played it in forever. The new subs must witness its glory!

  3. 🚢Start sailing today!🚢 Click this link –
    *Thanks for the support PHELLAS!*

  4. I would love a video on the SMS Westfalen and SMS Helgoland, attempt #2

  5. Phly, you’ve brought back the “Everybody” intro right?. Well, there has been a certain song kinda stuck _In My Head_ phor a while that you could also bring back!

    Attempt #27

  6. Phly: Plays World of Warships

    Gaijin: TRAITOR

  7. I have been watching Phly since he was 400k… thanks for the entertainment Phly

  8. War thunder battleship squadrom: *chaotic mess*

    World of Warships bartleship squadrom: *somewhat a proper battle line*

  9. anyone else screaming at screen to use AP rounds!!

  10. Ah yes, what naval was meant to be

  11. So painful to watch him use he on broadside cruisers. Use ap!!!

  12. Day 1: Phly play the Chinese M8, it sealclubs at br 1.0

  13. Day 6: Medic
    Get in a light vehicle and repair allied tanks.
    Spread what WarThunder needs most: kindness

  14. Day 2
    The Thomas challange: tow the train to B on American desert

  15. Phly: Today’s video is sponsored by Wargaming
    Gaijin: NANI

  16. >calling Mikasa a “pocket battleship”

  17. Not gonna lie I would love to see Phly make a series out of a new game, just to be able to watch him go through the process of learning it.

    • True dat, him going from war thunder to WoWs would be very nice knowing all the possible routes he could take

    • I really love World of Warships, but the game isn’t in a good place right now, currently there’s a lot of problems about game balance.

    • Would be fun to then see more WoW. Possibly World of Tanks. I could see Phly and his posse having fun doing bombing runs in WW2 Online as well. But could you imagine him playing Heroes and Generals?

    • @Asahi Orbit Yeah, I agree with that, I just meant any game really

  18. ActUAlly its a pre-dreadnaught not a pocket battleship.

  19. Phly, you missed rigged lootboxes in the description of the game.

  20. 2:56 – Togo’s turn basically.

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