Battleship Des Moines Illinois is my new love – World of Warships

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Illinois is the brand new tier 9 USN premium BB, available for 51k research points in the armory and I love it.

You know how much I love Des Moines and this is essentially a heavier version of it with more range, more guns, more HP and more armor in a lower tier but worse maneuverability, concealment and accuracy.

Check it out 😉

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  1. Excellent that mate, did you notice the CV could only use Rockets. He was awful with the torps. I got a Quacken this morning, but mine are on the same cycle has Halley’s Comet.

  2. You get 82% of Des Moines DPM on an Iowa hull with reduced HP. Thing is, you can actually make use of all that DPM unlike in Des Moines where you often forget about the 3rd turret…

    • @dzello you’re arguing like people have to play Illinois at 18.5km range. Who the fuck said that was a given? You can get to 12km and farm if you have hands and know how to aim. With DM you can’t use 100% of the DPM because you will get dev struck out of the water. You use 67% of it and hope for the best. With this you can use all of your turrets because you have better armor.

      Your entire premise, of which you made the argument upon, is wrong.

    • @Spartacus Well, I’m in N0KAP and I own Illinois… And I confirm playing at 12km is suicidal and you often don’t use your back turret either.

      As I explained, your comparison to Des Moines is completely dented and you are wrong; or I have no hands and should consider changing clan.

      Enjoy the copium though.

    • @dzello If you have both of them, then u should know that. As 431mm+ guns, CVs, SS, and hybrids are growing up, positioning ur DM close to the cap and relying on a mountain is not a good idea. And her 30mm armor became useless and vulnerable to all kinds of attack, large DDs can citi U, CAs, BBs, and CVs will love u when u pushing in at the start. Not even mention those superships. On the other hand, as A BB, Illinois can just stay at the back 15-17km kiting from the beginning and farm their bbs, all u do is just shoot, ur special heal (and 38mm deck armor and 32mm front/back) can get u through even with a period of focused fire. U can easily get more shells fired compared to A DM and get more shell hits on the enemy through a game since in a lot of cases DM has to back off and stay dark.

    • @VYK Julius Nah, Des Moines can still play significantly closer than Illinois; and should too. Overmatch powercreep does hurt Des Moines, but you’re massively overestimating its actual impact. Also, most of the elements you listed punish Illinois more than they punish Des Moines, so they really go against your case.

      Illinois needs to be played multiple kilometers behind a Des Moines. And since those shells lose a lot of speed over distance, it kills shell travel time and makes you hit a lot less.

  3. I think we need another term above OP for this ship…

  4. no matter how low you set the bar, there is always someone who tries to lower it and manages to do it

  5. this ship is propably op crussier guns with bb armor is just insane it only lacks radar

  6. The fun you will have on Two Brothers with this ship…

  7. It’s two things I’ve always wanted wrapped into one package: A Des Moines that doesn’t explode just by looking at it, and a battleship that can fire its guns more than once every fiscal quarter.

  8. The amount of times someone from my team surprisingly tells me to get back these days, when I’m simply playing the game, is mind boggeling.

    • Most of the time it is probably innocent. They assume what you are doing Is a bad move because that is the safe assumption. It is hard to tell the difference between a Yolo, an over extension and a brave job of positioning in the early stages.

  9. Finally someone playing it the way its supposed to 🙂

  10. Cornfield Crawlers

    Ship looks fun. I am sure WG will figure out a way to screw that up soon.

  11. The commander is Com. Richard, Russian CC I think. BTW, WG has pulled Mighty Jingles and Com. Richard, from the WoWS wikipedia for unique/special commanders. It is like Pharaohs striking the names out of the WoWS records. I would not think they are that petty.

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      @Tpaktop2_1 NA As iDuckman already replied on your forum thread, commanders that don’t have any special skills or talents have never been listed on the unique/special commanders page. All they have are special portraits and voices (and in Jingles’s case, a propensity to misidentify ships). And if you look at the page history, you’ll see that they weren’t removed (because they were never there in the first place).

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      @crabsyoureit See my reply to Tpaktop2_1.They weren’t _removed_ from the unique/special commanders page because they were never there in the first place.

    • @MidnightPhoenix07 gotcha ty.

    • @MidnightPhoenix07 I disagree. I remembered seeing them listed. How much longer before Wargaming will pull them from WoWS like Stephen Segal?

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      @Tpaktop2_1 NA He has _never_ been listed on the unique/special commander page. The history is there for you to see, and he has never been on that page. There may have been an older page that did list him, created back before unique and special commanders consistently meant specific things. But he has never been listed on the current page, going back almost a full year at this point. You can disagree, but the record is there. He was never on the current page, and there would have never been a reason for him to be included since he doesn’t have any improved skills.

      Seagal was “pulled” in name/image only. Officially it’s because WG’s contract with him expired, but it’s likely also in part because of his involvement in several…_issues_ that were going on at the time. The _commander_ still exists (he became the Doe Brothers), just with a different name. With the connection Jingles has to the game, I don’t see him getting pulled unless he requests it or _really_ takes an anti-WG stance of some sort.

  12. That Vladi on his team was extra speshuul. Moves toward an island that has a Black behind it, into a potential crossfire from an Iowa and a NC and keeps yelling for support. Not sure what he expected his teammates to do in that situation.

  13. BBs with fast reloads are my favorite, and this just goes even faster, with the great gun performance of the super heavy 8″ American heavy cruiser guns. Looks like serious fun.

  14. 12 guns, 8sec reload? That’s less Des Moines and more Cleveland. 🙂

    Also, much like the Cleveland, it’s nice to see the Illy’s “Super AA” working exactly as intended by WG — which is to say, hardly at all.

  15. I was playing WoWS after a long break and assumed the Illinois was just a typical BB – so when i rushed around the corner of an island to torp (after i saw it fired) I assumed the gun reload time would protect me – i was wrong.

  16. That sequence on the Carrier and the Iowa was :stare:
    I thought for sure the Iowa was going to force feed you your boots but you maneuvered perfectly and just took his lunch money.

  17. Molten Bramley Apple

    This thing is going to make a lot of people (myself included) actually bother to grind research points. Give it a few weeks and Illinois will be everywhere and WG will have no choice but to nerf. I’m guessing the reload will take the biggest hit, and wouldn’t be surprised to see it surpass 10-11 seconds (like most heavy cruisers). Enjoy it while we can.

  18. Molten Bramley Apple

    I don’t know. 30 second reload vs 6 second. Flambass was getting 7-15 k per salvo on Iowas broadside. Even if Iowa gets a 30-40k salvo, Illinois still out DPM’s in a broadside match (assuming you aim correctly as Flambass did)

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