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E-100 SUPER HEAVY TANK VS MODERN TANKS (War Thunder Madness Gameplay)


  1. Yo Phly you have to play Bigfoot Hunting again. I died of laugh last time you played it.

  2. Day 107: play the Ju 87 B it’s had a sound change


  4. Brooooooooo we need more people to appreciate naval battles, they’re fun and nice

    • Yeah but I like naval arcade better. Ground and air RB for sure but for naval – arcade.

    • Naval would be perfect if without it shitty targeting system it’s realistic but it sure is frustrating, plus its shitty rewards system

    • Fun until you fight battleships and heavy cruisers you cannot damage at 5.0 in a destroyer.

    • It looks cool, but as usual having 18 different things to grind is stopping me

    • @E T Play small boats. Its completely different and far more action packed. I avoid basically the entirety of what is now the bluewater tree because I agree with you. Waiting 15-20 seconds for your shells to land and 30s for a reload is boring af.

  5. *The enemy is being reinforced with a Dreadnought*

  6. Phly, you’ve brought back the “Everybody” intro right?. Well, there has been a certain song kinda stuck _In My Head_ phor a while that you could also bring back!

    Attempt #20

    • You.r Brother is the stuka guy maby 😉

    • That You'dliketoknow

      Code for 100 eagles to the eagle app from the google playstore: pha7w

      It is a marketing app, (why the free eagles) though there is a treasure chest for every new day with some chance of free eagles. Other than that just offers to try games etc from the google playstore for more eagles. . I’d rate the app 3.5/5, at least a bit of premium currency for free to players…. not much more than that. All I wanted to say, thank you.

    • That You'dliketoknow

      In all honesty for the modtst part not worth your time tho 😁

  7. Where’s the JU-87 guy? it’s tradition now

  8. SailyDaily is for Saturdays!

  9. Opening skit reminds me of “stay on target”.

  10. I love how the front funnel is giving the mast crew lung cancer.

  11. “Why are you the way you are?” My dad often asks me the same question

  12. Play the ju 87 it got a sound change and how dare you love a comment 2 times in a row and still not do it , you probably broke the guys heart as he isn’t doing it anymore this video after 106 times edit: never mind I see him this is his 107th try please phly!

  13. 7:22 The reason why your repairs are taking forever is because your doing them all at the same time. Only do one type of repair and they will be done faster overall

  14. Phly you need to see the mess that is 3.3 destroyer battles cause now that there are bluewater reserves you get whole matches of people who dont know what they are doing

  15. Benny has such an endearing laugh.

    Makes me smile every time I hear it

  16. “Are you focusing Hipper or dreadnought?”
    “I can’t tell what any of these are just by looking at what is on”
    HMS Hood to HMS Prince of Wales. May 24 1941

  17. For the guy asking for phly to play the ju87. He played it yesterday on his livestream

  18. “Now” that you had a taste of the phrench 90mm armor piercing baguettes with the Bat Chat, why don’t try out the heat croissants oph the AMX-13-90?

    Attempt #237

  19. Imagine the amount of AA when the Iowa class bbs come out

  20. “Why can’t I get rid of all this water?”
    Speed: “FLK AHEAD”

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