Battleship Guns Feel Off in World of Warships Post Dead Eye

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What’s wrong with battleship guns? Many players I have talked to feel that something is off. I have noticed it as well. Is it a placebo effect not having Deadeye anymore? For one, I don’t believe that as engagements within 10km have felt off. I want your input though.


  1. Its WG, any accusasion is more likely to be true than not!

  2. Wouldn’t be surprised if WG secretly changed the accuracy statistics for all battleships

  3. Shells falling short has been a thing for a while now but it feels worse than ever now. It seems to affect all ships but is most painful in BBs as the reload is so slow.

    • You are right this problem, in my opinion, has been made clear under dead eye and it feels even worse now

    • Shot a broadside stalingrad 7 km away with my Yama on the waterline and somehow one volley falls short, one falls too high, and the rear goes to the front with one splash and two overpens

    • same issue here, now i aim a bit higher and smack them…

    • Well, just took the Georgia out for a spin last night since I have been playing mainly DD of late. With the Georgia (just a good ship overall) my shots have always been pretty good and I never took Deadeye in skills. There is something off. At angles, at 90 degrees and parallel to target shots were not consistent most of the time and were falling short. This is NOT the case with other types of ships and same method of aiming. After compensating a little, slightly up on the hull, I was able to land more shots. Even with that however, and this may be in my mind, dispersion overall seems a little different. Using a mod crosshair/dynamic so will give stock a try and see if there is any difference. From reading posts, however, don’t think that will have much difference.

  4. That’s been happening to me, I aim and my shells fall short of where the reticle was.

  5. James Harrington

    My Thunderer tends to fall short or overshoots lately or the in theory nearly 50% fire chance has been more like 15% lately…

  6. WG somehow breaks aiming on every patch. Don’t trust what you see there’s a Quality potato video explaining it

  7. Did they take out the auto aiming bug? That could have introduced another bug.

    • Droid Motorola 388

      They did take it out. Not sure if it caused a problem.

    • @Droid Motorola 388 wait they did? I was just using it to aim with neptune, and I was getting hits wtf

    • Droid Motorola 388

      @PaperBag yeah. When you aim the circle in the minimap goes to the edge of the maximum range. I never used sky aiming on cruisers but at least you can no longer do it in battleships.

  8. Mid to low range has definitely gotten wonky. Dispersion has gotten really weird. Ships that were really accurate (without Dead-eye) have gotten sloppy, and ships that were a little sloppy have gotten almost blah. Shots that would have registered a citadel now rarely yield one.

  9. There was a case a good while back (quite a few years ago), of shells detonating upon hitting water, so through-water hits weren’t working.

    This meant slightly less hits overall, and much fewer citadels – especially close in.

  10. yes, there were situations that the shots fell way short or the dispersion went into “shot gun” mode. I figured it was an RNG thing, but now that you mentioned it…

  11. Yes I’m noticing. Miss and crazy patterning of shells from all my BBS

  12. So…. Now other BB players can experience the “ROMA Experience”? Lol.

    • @YAMATO Poor Dispersion? thats it? Welcome to the Kriegsmarine BB expereince mate 😛

    • @YAMATO I see literally 0 changes on gameplay. Since BB are trash at this moment – practically worst class in th egame they run to A1 even more frequently

    • Lol u read my mind

    • @YAMATO Roma’s guns are quite reliable actually. I genuinely can’t understand where people got the idea that it’s bad. Maybe it was bad when it was released or something and people are still peddling what youtubers said in those videos?

    • @bormos3 yes they did add a little dispersion buff not something major but yes when it first came out it was worse then German bb dispersion

  13. Reinhardt Rossouw

    I did not use dead-eye on my bb’s – but I thought I was just aiming like my arse.

    • Yeah, I just took a break so I completely missed dead-eye. For the past few days I thought I just don’t know how to aim BBs anymore. Cruisers and DDs didn’t change for me.

    • Yeah my Iowa use to be dead on with dead eye…al least 10 more shots to take a ship out.leaving u open for free fire from enemy ships

  14. Noticed that too in my iowa was 10km away from a thunder showing his side fired 5 times and missed every shot dont use DE before but now it seems that they made bbs main guns a decoration its really bad

  15. Κ.paschalakis 03

    I have noticed it too in my georgia usually I got a fairly good aim I’m not a master but I know when I got a good shot but since 10.4 I have hard time hitting indeed!

  16. Michael The Barbarian

    As long as the DD players continue their crying about every other class but DDs (which is anything that in ANY WAY hinders their invisible ships that fire “walls of skill”)… we will keep getting Nerfs on every single class.

  17. I’ve noticed shots falling just starborad and port side leaving the ships in the midlle unscathed. I though really bad luck …

  18. diego escalante

    me who plays italian bbs: u guys hitting more than 2 shells?

  19. I’m on my IJN BB regrind atm and my amagi feels completely different than i remember. Salvos which punished broadsides 2 years ago will just fall short or bounce or go to far. But i noticed it on other ships too, e.g. Musashi, Tirpitz, Massa, Anchorage, Atago and even the allmighty Stalingrad.

  20. This honestly started 2+ years ago. They began shadow nerfing BBs because the plebs were being shat upon too hard.

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