Battleship Hindenburg – World of Warships Funtage #1

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  1. this was actually funny as hell cause its true

  2. HAHAH this is the best!! Sub for you :D

  3. KaiZZen ► WoWs

    Хороший видос!

  4. ok this was pure gold!

  5. Andrew Hampshire

    At 2:02, I thought I was the victim in the video. Had something EXACTLY
    like this happen to me but I was in my Iowa. The little DD got within a km
    of me, tried to bump him, tried to shoot him, tried to secondary him, but
    everything was too slow. Watched as a full torp salvo smashed me to bits. I
    was laughing hysterically, the little guy came out of nowhere and popped
    into vision like 2km away. Was a fun match lol.

  6. dude this was an awesome video!

  7. -No. NO! That’s…
    *Cue eurobeat*

    Insta-subscribe. Do me as you like, I’m sold.

  8. really nice .. really appropriate choice of music and artwork for good
    clips. 10/10

    ps: so thats what the S key is for! :oD

  9. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a WoWs montage, but this was amazing.

  10. годнота))

  11. How the fuck is it possible to doooooooooooodge like that :D

  12. thats glorious mate
    keep up the good work:)

    BTW, it seems like you use a 21:9 monitor, how is it in your opinion?

  13. Awesome video, more please! :)

  14. good shit bro keep on making this XD

  15. Did not expect to crave Initial D music after watching.

  16. careful with that song at 3:46. Banned in germany, and god knows where else.

    *EDIT*: I stand corrected, not officially banned only harshly harshly
    frowned upon.

  17. More please.

  18. internetilliterate


  19. Editing is glorious!

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