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  1. The second Torpedo couldn’t cause a Flooding because the Damage control was active, During that time no Floodings or Fires can be set.

  2. that jingles saying 😀

    the roma you didnt get the 2nd flooding due to the damy con was still active

  3. If you see an allied graf zeppelin charging the enemy then you don’t gotta worry. The secondaries on that thing are cracked and so is the armor

  4. Love watching these vids Lvl. Keep ’em comin’!

  5. repair party prevents flooding and fire for it’s duration. you can’t cause a flooding for the next 15 sec or so until the repair party is over.

  6. Remember kids, once Mr. Torpedo has left his tube, his is not your friend, or anyone elses

  7. 129th like and 16th comment so early lol ❤️?

  8. “I only did 5000 damage” I know the scale of health bars in this game but that just made me chuckle.

  9. Level, I really love these Warships videos. I literally binge watch your ship videos over and over because they’re so fun and interesting. More please.

  10. thanks LC – If you turn off AAA, it helps reduce detection

  11. Well played man! Graf zepp in the end there has some of the best secondaries 🙂 id like to see you play CV some day 🙂

  12. I love these vids Lvl, keep up the story gameplay!

  13. Andrew M. (Medtechfire)

    Great Warships video as always. That Roma knew you were there yet, just derped along lol. I’d love to hear jingles narrate one of your videos.

  14. GZ can easily shredd the Bismarck with his secondary guns…

  15. Mikhail Evtushenko

    Is there some kind of a tool for aiming torpedoes from afar or you just have to assume based on experience?

  16. Please do more WoWs videos! I totally love them and i can learn a lot!

  17. @LevelCapGaming As a DD make sure to almost always run with your AA turned off. You turn off your AA by pressing P. This will allow you to dodge detection by carriers even more

  18. NoDecentGamplayHere

    the graf zeplin knew what he was doing dw, it has some amazing secondaries

  19. Love your WoWs content

  20. I love these videos. How you explaim everything and such 🙂

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